Decency is “Hanging” by a thread

For many years I’ve been watching the degradation of human decency within our society. Reverend Jim Jones wiped out a whole town… stay away from the kool-aid… Manson brainwashed people to murder and sabotage… rebel wars in Africa leave families, women and children, literally scarred for life if they’re lucky enough to live.

When I read the newspaper the other day it informed me of more grotesque and macabre people out in our society:

Reality TV star Ryan Alexander Jenkins, formerly of Calgary, murdered and mutilated his wife, former Playboy model Jasmine Fiore, in the USA before squirming back home to Canada to seek refuge. After the police issued a warrant for his arrest he fled to Hope BC, where he obtained a hotel room, and hung himself on a large hook on the coat rack.

Sick right?

What’s more twisted, is that an anonymous seller is auctioning off the coat rack, that Jenkins hung himself on, for a cool $1750 CAD, and boasting “It’s the rack that Alexander Jenkins hung himself on!”

Even more sadistic? There’s actually a following out there for this shit! I’m not kidding! First of all, this guy knows a place where something like this would be of value, that’s disturbing. Second, It’s an AUCTION meaning $1740CAD is the STARTING BID! Third, “murder memorabilia” seems to earn quite a lot of money, strangely enough think how much a murder fanatic would pay to own the video tape by Karla Holmolka and Paul Bernardo? As much as it makes me want to vomit people ACTUALLY enjoy this depraved shit. I’m sorry but it’s nothing but shit. Have people become so disillusioned and desensitized that they seek out the tools in which murder was carried out for personal satisfaction? What on earth kind of satisfaction can that possibly give you?

The day the antiques roadshow has someone auctioning off the knife in the Manson murders is the day I take all my supplies and go live in a cave in the mountain, I’ll take my chances with the bears thanks.



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1 Response to Decency is “Hanging” by a thread

  1. fingerscrossedmx says:

    I find this sick as well. The one thing that helps me get through some twisted shit people do is something someone told me. “The news reports the opposite of the condition in the world. If they are reporting bad things, then there is good still prevailing. I will fear the day when good things start becoming the big news.” So, I will quietly be grateful they are still reporting bad things as big news. That means good things are still happening in big proportions to the bad things.


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