Welcome To The Teaparty

Good morning western world, I suppose this is my first blog. It’s kind of hard to see the screen when my 10lb russian blue cat is walking in front of it so bear with me if i should happen to make a few mistakes… there… he took his seat. Well now that the audience has arrived I’ll carry on.. (Cat’s.. they’re always fashionably late)

From the current title of my blog, (subject to change of course), I’m sure you’ll all realise that what I may say in the up and coming blogs may be considered “out-to-lunch”, “disagreeable”, or… if you’re part of a select few, you’ll get a giggle out of them and perhaps even see sense in amongst my madness!!! So, sit down, grab a cuppa! (that’s bringlish {BRITISH-ENGLISH=BRINGLISH} for a brew or a cup of coffee or tea or something warm) and have a look at the world through my perspective… Welcome to the Tea Party, your very own Mad Hatta at your service.

Thanks for stopping by!


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