Lost Identities

Alright, I know I’m gonna get some flack back for this one but here we go.

I’ve lived in 3 countries, one of which had 1 simple identity and you were all to conform to that or you were not accepted. Another, where all cultures were accepted despite the odd old world racial comment. And the last, where it had experienced EVERY culture and taught us how to be understanding of them.

The countries I’ve lived in respectively to the above are the USA, Canada, and England.

Now first of all let me say, I love Canada. But the beauty of Canada’s scenery less than makes up for it’s occupants ignorance. They boast that they are understanding and tolerant of other nations and yet what are the children taught in school? It’s the exact same closed minded curriculum that the USA serves. Students spend 12 yrs learning about the history of North America… They know little to nothing of South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. There is so much history in the world to focus the majority of 12 years of study on only North America is to deprive children of a full understanding of our earth and its occupants, some of whom may be your ancestors!

One of the LEADING PROBLEMS with teens today is mistaken identity. We give them so many choices and freedoms when they have the maturity of a 5 yr old in the body of a 16yr old! School uniforms should be enforced so that children learn to develop their PERSONALITIES and not their knowledge of brand label clothing. Identify yourselves as inidividuals not as a  coat hanger!

When was ancestory considered such an abolished tradition? We are SOOOO PROUD to be canadian and understanding of other nations… so let me ask you all: Where is Istanbul? What’s the main religion practised in Uganda? What do you know of the Chinese dynastys? Who are the Tudors and the Stuarts? What was the spanish armada? Why are most things in spain pronounced with a “th” instead of an S sound? I took the time to educate myself, maybe everyone else should. Expand your knowledge of the world people, clearly the school system won’t do it for you.


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2 Responses to Lost Identities

  1. sheef says:

    the curriculum in the united states teaches more of their own country to grow and develop a sense of patriotism and nationalism so they can see their country as the greatest as i has always been. through going to school here in alberta i have learned more events outside of canada then stuff about canada. we are a young country and dont have the same history that others do.


    • nuttierthansquirrelshit says:

      we learn jack about other countries, we know nothing of their cultures, and yet we boast that we do. I also was educated in alberta and took the time to educate myself due to the lack of content in its curriculum! why do we call people ASIAN! thats a JOKE TERM! as canadians u hate to be called american but to call someone Asian is to call canadians american. We are taught a candy coated view of the world in our prestine western hemisphere, it’s easy to judge when one hasnt experienced life outside the country.


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