Little Imagination?

Is it just me, or are people in this day and age lacking in imagination?

In the 80’s we’d go play “make-believe” in the forest… Do children even know what make believe is anymore?

And now that we’re all grown up… WTF is with all the porn out there? I understand you guys like to look at variety, but since when did strange, lude acts (defecation, urination, S+M) turn into vessels for excitement? Are we that dull to our surroundings that we must push the envelope to the point that it completely dejects any semblance of normalcy?

Or is that just it, normalcy left us in the 1950’s, along with James Dean and Rebel Without a Cause, and we’re left either wandering around trying to find that NEW inspiration, or you’re like myself embellishing the retro era where certain things were simply “left unsaid.”

How ironic, I can’t shut my mouth to save my life but I long for the days when there was a sense of society and right and wrong.

But it goes two ways, in the 50’s my gay friends wouldve been beaten to death (or charged! it was a crime at one point) with myself along side them for speaking my mind as a woman.

I guess all I`m asking is for the world to pull the reigns in a little, its good to go for a trot in the field, but galloping all day is tiresome, and you don`t get to see all the quaint beauty in the world.

Take some time to enjoy what you really are, not what society wants you to be.Image

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2 Responses to Little Imagination?

  1. Mum says:

    Very well said Carolynne


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