My Virginity

When I moved back to Canada from England, I felt pressured into many things.

In one respect, the cheap girls were doing it all punky and wild. The rich girls were doing it subtly yet cute like.

If you haven’t clued in I’m talking about hair dye.

I just turned 28, and I have NEVER DYED MY HAIR!

Not once, nope.

I saw all these girls with either wild hair or cute lil highlights, I couldn’t stand to be the same as them so I had to find a way to be different…

So I decided never to dye it.

How has this helped me? I can get away with a $10/ haircut and look fabulous, I spend a good amount of proper shampoo and conditioner, but don’t need a barrage of products to make my hair manageable.

EVERYTIME I go to a salon I am complimented, I’ve had random people ask me “what color do you use?”

And the biggest reason I get booked is because of my “girl next door” “natural” look.

Girls, if you want to stand out, be yourself.

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7 Responses to My Virginity

  1. Cracked Sky says:

    And…man and woman alike, would be in remiss if they didn’t see natural beauty through your ‘girl next door’, astonishing looks. Way to be true to yourself.


    • Thank you so much! Appreciate the support! It’s definitely hard when everyone else does it, I’ve got a ton of friend that are stylists and BEG me to let them dye it, and nope nope nope. I think when the time comes for grey I will break like any self respecting woman, but until then, true to form, brunette with blonde and red highlights 🙂


  2. Initiator ;-) says:

    Great Work carolyn..!


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