Very Cherry Cold Day

Today I was invited to a shoot with a designer for a line called “Cherry Chic Designs.” Her style is classy with and edge, target market 25+, and definitely affordable prices for something designed and handmade. If you like couture items I suggest checking out her designs.

The morning started with good intentions for all, and all were for naught. However, every one of us overcame the obstacles before us and succeeded despite:
1. It’s -35 (and possibly colder) outside
2. The original location was under construction so the team backtracked to the make-up artists house.
3. My car wouldn’t start, so my dad had to boost me
4. When I arrived, the 3 photographers were trying to rig a canopy setup to absorb some of the light that was spilling into the frame.
5. After an hour of watching I brought up the idea of shooting in the basement, and about an hour later we had the green light! SHOOT!

I absolutely love watching a shoot being put together. The photographers shouting f stop readings to each other, shaking their heads speaking in a language only fellow photogs can decipher. The model standing around as a test subject hoping the lighting’s right this time while the thousandth flash goes off. Models discussing where to get the cheapest shoes, and a model sat in hair and makeup giggling away while trying to keep her eyes still.
If fairy tales had behind the scenes, there would be a makeup artist patting people down with powder, a stylist handing Cinderella different shoes (slippers were soo 1500’s), she’d have pins in her butt and boobs, and photographers yelling “quick fix the light!”

But what is produced… Is magic.

I saw my model friend Via there and about 5 other models and a stylist. It’s truly a credit to the team on their work If you saw how we look on a regular basis. Models don’t wear makeup daily, nor do we style our hair all the time. We look average, just tall with good bone structure. But when the makeup and hair is done, and the clothes are on, wow, look out here comes a MODEL!

On the note of magic, my photographer friend is an amazing magician! He showed us all tricks I had never seen before! You should’ve seen us 6 towering models crowded around like children, all eyes alight, absolutely mesmerized by the tricks shown to us. Bravo Paul, that truly was mind blowing.

At the end of it all the designer chose to have me shoot! So I sat in the HMU chair and chatted away to my lovely makeup artist! (BTW she does STUNNING makeup! You want the hookup!? I got you girl!!! or

I modelled an evening dress, a jacket (to die for!!! Soooo nice!) and a very edgy, graphic, long sleeved- tight tee with leggings.

By the end of it all the poor designer was exhausted! As I’m sure were the rest of the crew. I went for my ritual burger and coffee and am now anxiously awaiting the edits! Cheers to the first shoot of 2014!

Here’s a behind the scenes shot of me modelling the edgy outfit 🙂


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