Real Talk

I met and watched a celebrity perform today, and he absolutely transformed my thinking on men.
In the best way possible.
You’ll be shocked to know this is the same man who also stapled his nut sack to his inner thigh.
If I told you Stephen Glover changed my life, you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid. So when I tell you, STEVE-O changed my perspective on men, you might be shocked.
But it’s true. I met him before the show and asked if he could sign my book (ever the book nerd, I be) I was so excited, he gave me a hug and told me to enjoy the show, and suave model me would’ve responded back with something like, “of course! You’ll kill it,” but instead I was stuck in nerd mode and simply squealed “so excited!” At which point I’m sure he thought “oh great another fucking bubblehead,” but I was too stoked from him signing my book to focus on my faux pa.
His opening act was hilarious, and like most shows we were repeatedly asked to remain quiet, and no heckling during the show.
I’m saddened that has to even be mentioned, this man is here performing intimately to us, asking you to listen to the man is common fucking sense.
Or so you’d think.
Poor Steve was near the end of his show and people had obviously drank too much and couldn’t keep their mouths shut. I’ve never been to a show where more people had to be removed. Steve O is not only a talent, an original, but this is his stand up tour! And if anyone knows anything about funny men, they’re laughing about moments that very well could’ve hurt them emotionally and physically, they’re constantly bearing their souls, ( …and assholes and nut sacks) purely for our amusement. So, should you go to his shows this weekend or any performers for that matter, please, SHUT THE FUCK UP IN THE AUDIENCE! Our area of the crowd literally sang the rude people out with the “NA NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!”
But seriously, you guys made Steve-o mad! That’s so upsetting.

But the show was a giant success. My jaw hurts like hell from laughing my ass off, and although I could easily regurgitate some of his anecdotes I will not, those of us in the industry know better than to give away someones material. I believe the shows are sold out for Calgary but he will be in Edmonton end of February at the comic strip! Go see him! It truly was an amazing experience.
Oh, and I got to see his dick, and balls…

After the show I was at the front of the line for pictures. When the gentlemen let us past a guy tried cutting in front of me, the bouncer immediately grabbed him and said, ” hey man! What were you born yesterday! Ladies first!” And with that I glided ahead to the front.
When I had the chance to speak to Steve O after calming my groupie-like nerves, I apologized on behalf of the drunken members of the city of Calgary for their lack of respect, and thanked him for a wonderful performance. He took pics with me, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and off I went.


Stephen Glover is someone who has for the most part pushed every limit. And admittedly, in person and in his book, has found his own limits and swears by them for the betterment of himself and those around him. Until now I had never met someone exhibit that kind of control, while being extremely good looking and also famous. I strongly suggest everyone go pick up a copy of his book “Professional Idiot: a memoir” by Stephen “Steve-O” Glover. Even if you’re not a reader, in his own words “it’s like reading TMZ, it’s hilarious.”
I had no idea he was selling them at his concerts or I would’ve purchased my book from there! I bought mine ahead of time:)

A very cheerful cheers to the ONE MAN on this earth who lives by his word, yes ladies, real men exist, apparently they sometimes pierce their ass cheeks together or dive into pools of elephant shit… Who knew?

Rock on Stephen “Steve-O” Glover , it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and watch you perform 🙂 please come back again soon!

Heres the pic of us, and a pic of my signed book



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  1. sophoxymoria says:

    haha thats awesome


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