Right Said Fred

If you know what I mean in the title, you remember the 90’s. I believe it was ’92 when this song came out…

And I almost forgot about it til now…
My long time friend just messaged me and asked, “when you’re walking these fashion shows, do you just blur everything out and sing in your head:
‘Im a model, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk, yea on the catwalk!”
I literally burst out laughing.
To answer the question no I don’t, but I do remember that song coming out and walking up and down the carpet pretending to be a model.
I also remember the other single that was released by Right Said Fred (singers name of “I’m too sexy”) and it was called “just kiss”… It’s probably why he’s only a one hit wonder. But “I’m too sexy” was a damn good song…

“I’m too sexy for my shirt…”

Photo below by Zev Abosh Photo Art 4U



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