NHL SERIES PART 5: The Toronto Maple Leafs

As a girl born in northern Ontario my heart is usually with the Toronto Maple leafs, despite the bad press the poor guys have gotten recently!

The Toronto maple leafs, like their rivals the Montreal Canadiens, were part of the original 6 teams in Canada. They joined the NHL in 1927 and have been fighting for the Stanley Cup ever since. The team has held the Stanley Cup 13 times which is quite impressive.

The Leafs sport white and blue for colours and are currently 6th in the Atlantic division. Tonight was their final game of the season and the boys played a gallant yet unsuccessful game against the Ottawa Senators and lost 1-0. That doesn’t mean next year is out of the cards! Tune in next season to see if the Leafs can redeem themselves among the fans and the disbelievers.
The captain is Dion Phaneuf and I’m seen below sporting his jersey. The team motto was:

“spirit is everything”

However there was talks at the beginning of the season to have it switched and I’m unsure as to whether or not it was.

Sadly Leafs fans, we have to wait until next year for a chance at the cup, but until then, for all my Toronto Maple Leafs fans, GO LEAFS GO

Devon Reed Photography https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=469668716424305

Hair and makeup: Tara Carter Mua

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