You Left Her To Die

Everyday hundreds of animals are left stranded on sides of roads, in boxes behind dumpsters, left to fend for themselves. In the event the animal is an infant, the chance of survival on their own is slim to nil. Last night, while coming home from my insane night, I was stopped at red light over by Peigan Trail in the industrial sector. The man I was with and myself heard these panicked wails. At first I thought it was a baby. But then he and I looked at each other and realized it was a cat. Huddled against the curb of a busy road was a tiny kitten, crying it’s little heart out. I immediately put the car in park and ran up to it. Naturally my running scared it so she ran to the bush directly behind her. I slowed down and coaxed her out, and then out came this tiny little kitten, meowing in distress looking lost and afraid.
I had to bring her home. I had to show her love was still in this world. She was so tiny and frail, if she had any more time to be shocked it would ruin her personality as an animal, if she even survived to make it until another human contact.

I brought her home and both my boy cats were great with her in no time. Shes completely litter trained and eats normal food and drinks well. She has no mites, fleas, or visible ticks or bugs. I have clipped her nails and cleaned her eyes. Poor thing was probably crying 😦 (yes… Cats cry)
If anyone is missing this kitten please comment on this post, but I’m certain, by her positioning on the road, that she was left for dead.
I can assure anyone looking for a kitten that she has the sweetest nature I’ve ever seen in a female cat, (theyre usually such princesses)
This one loves to play, loves to cuddle, and is just a sweetheart. If anyone would like to adopt her I can assure you shes known nothing but love since the second I picked her up. I refuse to let her go to anyone else who doesn’t feel the same way. All you need to do is love her.


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2 Responses to You Left Her To Die

  1. Deirdre says:

    She’s beautiful! reminds me of my Zara who was a calico tabby … She was the most loving, sweetest, well behaved cat I have ever had! Zara was with me for 14 years until she passed of kidney failure but not a day this by that I don’t think of her and miss her! I pray this little one brings even half the joy to her new momma that Zara did for me! God bless you for taking her in.


    • Thank you so much Deirdre, she went to her forever home today and seems to be very happy. I cried my eyes out taking her there. And I believe the breed is bang on, calico and tabby. Such a beautiful natured little thing. Can’t believe someone could abandon her. Thank you for the kind blessings 🙂 I assure you I will continue to do the same if the opportunity ever arises again


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