Why Your Pictures Suck

“Oh my god, how does she look perfect all the time!”


I know us girls are bad for believing in fairytales… But to believe models look like their photos in real life is quite far fetched. I can count on my hand how many models need little to no touch ups or contouring. And I am not one of those blessed few.

No no, I was one of you. Stabbing myself with the mascara, not being able to stick the stupid corners of the false eyelashes down, (and when you do you practically glue your eyelids shut.)
Or you put your eyeliner too thick, too thin, not straight, not evened out. You attempt to contour, and if you don’t even know what that word means then I’m sure you overload blush/bronzer in all the wrong places and wonder why your face appears fat in pictures? (I’m not calling you fat. My face looked fat in pics too… Before I learned)
You over twease, don’t twease, either way your eyebrows are confused as hell. You wear coverup too pale or too dark for your skin. You don’t know what a primer is. You don’t own powder.

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ANY OF THE ABOVE BLUNDERS YOU NEED A MAKEUP ARTIST! Ok here we go…. I’m gonna show you something most people don’t get to see….



These photos are both me. Shot by the same photographer.

The one on the left I styled myself……

The hair looks like I rolled out of a dumpster. The face has little to no shape. The eyes are flat. The under eye circles are very apparent. The lips are undefined. I also have no chin/jaw line…


can you tell the difference? If you can’t, you need glasses.
The contouring on the right photo is pristine, the face structure stands out and the eyes are bold without being hookerish. Sure, someone can spend hours in photo shop fixing your face to look perfect. But if that was the case, no model would be thin/clear skinned/nice hair etc. Theres a reason we’re asked to have few imperfections, so that it doesn’t take the poor photographer a month to edit the photos… so if you have one or two or many imperfections, tell me, WHY ARENT YOU USING A MAKEUP ARTIST!?

You want to know why your pics suck? Because you’re half assing them. Doing some makeup trick you learned in Cosmo when you were 13 will not make you look Victoria Secret beautiful in a photo. There’s a reason I don’t look at any photo of me before 21…. They’re hideous!

You can’t do everything yourself, there’s so much strength in working as a team. Spend that little bit of extra cash, and your beauty will be made eternal, by a professional, in photos that will never age, you will remain taking the breath away of others long after your time on this earth is up.
I am not insulting anyone here. My photos were atrocious before I became one of the local fashion industry’s muses.
Knowledge is power. And if you don’t have that knowledge, go walk your ass to the bank machine and pay the makeup artist for his/her knowledge, you, your photographer, and anyone who sees your photos will be silently thanking me for telling you this. 10 photoshoots with the best photographer and no good makeup, are like 10 pieces of blank paper stapled together and thrown on your doorstep seemingly resembling a newspaper. If you want to be a headliner, you gotta put the work in. I don’t turn heads on my own boys and girls, I have a team. If you don’t have a team, you can rent my girl out for whatever occasion you need her makeup/hair/spa services for.
Contact her here, and tell her I sent you!


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  1. Pippa says:

    I am trying damn it 🙂


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