Alone on New Years Eve

You hear about it for weeks before it happens, you see all the facebook statuses the day of, everyone planning their parties with groups of friends, or couples and families staying in and thankful for what they have.

And then there’s us:

You probably worked today/ tonight, and are home, before midnight awaiting the New Years arrival. For you and I there will be no New Years kiss, no singing of Auld Lang Syne. Instead, we sit here alone, perhaps in the company of a furry, four-legged friend, pondering what next year will hold for us.
I had lots of offers to go, even one on a date thing to glitter n gold, I just couldn’t bring myself to expose myself to the world of dating anymore this year.
They say whoever you kiss at midnight you’ll be with the rest of your life. I am living proof that the aforementioned statement is, in fact, bullshit. I kissed 6 toads on NYE different years and not one was my prince. Maybe I should’ve licked them at least I would’ve gotten a buzz.
Why ring in your new year hungover, broke, and possibly heartbroken? I’d rather trust my own company and invite the new year in sober and with money for rent this month.
What I realized is that I should be alone for NYE, it’s how I ran my year, alone, and im proud of myself for it. So I cheers myself, and all the other lonely hearts out there with their head on half straight, may 2015 bring you all the success, love, and happiness the world has to offer you, and may nothing bring you tears or pain.


Photo credit Andre goulet

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