Dream Within a Dream

Some say the dead visit them when they sleep… But what if it’s actually US visiting them?

I have this theory….

Since having PTSD I have several recurring nightmares. I compare these to my own personal hell. Once in a blue moon I am privileged enough to experience a good one, one where I see loved ones and they help me along throughout it, those dreams are more heavenly.
So here’s my question:
What if… Heaven and hell aren’t some celestial above and below, but are simply planes of existence that we can tap into through our subconscious? What if we’re closer to our loved ones than we think?
They say when you meditate you can go to another plane, even talk with others lost in the translation…
If that is so is it also possible with dreams? Are we perhaps just in a deeper, meditative state? And are our dreams taking us somewhere much further than the depths of our minds?

What if in death we really ARE in a permanent sleep, where heaven and hell are our dreams?

“Is all that we see or seem?
But a dream within a dream?”
Edgar Allan Poe

Photo credit Andre Goulet


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