For The Trolls

I see you. Lurking in the shadows, waiting for your opportune moment to pounce. You’re starving, hungry for that next blow to the ego of someone greater than you. I say greater than you because that is how you feel isn’t it? Insignificant? Non existent? Lesser than others around you? So you wait for someone to put up something, anything, and once it’s there you let your slithery self seep into the comment feed, and out come your heinous views on the world. No one asked for your opinion, no one ever does. You just feel the need to shove your thoughts down people’s throats and when they don’t listen, you get more excited/frustrated and the comment feed grows exponentially. How much of your life has been sat behind a screen looking for ways to hurt others? Does it excite you? You might not even think you’re hurting others, you might think your blunt “truths” help. But they’re not truths, as you do not know us, and that is perhaps what hurts you the most. That you’re not part of this world, the land of the educated, the pretty, the witty with a bit of gritty. You seethe with jealousy at the very sight of our success, we’re the people you never wanted to succeed, the ones you thought couldn’t make it, and that’s exactly why we do. When we speak out on a topic you say everything to speak against it. Because that 5mins on the comment feed is the only spotlight you will ever have. And you know it.

(Drops mic…. Walks off stage)

Photo credit: Armand Flores
Hmua: Tara Carter


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