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Our world has become absorbed with instant gratification and recognition from others. Now anyone and everyone can share their lives with the world. It’s no longer about the quality of the post, the photo, it’s about how many “likes” you can get. For some, this will inflate an already existing ego and create a social media monster. For others, the lack of response to their posts make them feel dejected and outcast by the social media culture.  It seems most people share things in the hopes of gaining popularity among the masses. 

Popularity among the masses…. 

Unless you’re in sales, politics, or the arts there’s no reason to be part of the popularity contest. 

Interact with quality people. Receive true “likes,” once known as recognition from others. In order to achieve this you must put the social media down, and begin interacting with those that matter to you face to face. Watch them smile, feel them embrace you, and laugh together, these are the interactions we should focus on. With our friends, family and loved ones. 

I understand in this fast paced world that sometimes human interaction cannot take place, but in that case, make a phone call, connect with more than just your fingers. We’re losing touch with our true connections.

Please don’t forget how important it is to establish proper relationships person to person. It seems we are losing ourselves in technology, in mindless memes and distracting, unproductive leisure activities. 

This world has become a lonely place. Stop using social media to hide behind. I encourage all of you to go out without your phone, take a friend, and go be in nature for a day. At least once a week. Let’s put an end to this “drone like” society we have become. The human brain is an amazing thing, please, don’t let it go to waste. 

Photo by Dan Chabot   

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