Stop Making Stupid People Famous Pt.2

*** warning explicit sexual language used***

In response to the brazen display of sexual exhibition that happened here at our very own, Calgary Stampede, allow me to say this. 

Sex is great, and between two, or even more consenting adults, when the time and place is correct, then by all means engage safely in whatever sexual endeavour you see fit. 

But taking your pants off and ramming your excuse for a cock down some RANDOM girl’s vag while she sucks your friends dick, in public, is absolutely deplorable. And now that it’s gone all over social media, teenage girls everywhere are seeing this and having one of two reactions…

1. That’s disgusting and I would never do that

2. But now people like her? Is that how I get guys to like me? 

We are all role models for those younger than us. When girls act like this with the accompanying attitude she is displaying on FB, it is highly indicative of attention seeking behaviour as well as low morale and low self esteem. 

And as for the boys… Newsflash boys, it’s only hot when a girl is so turned on by both of you that she feels that sexual and liberated. If you indeed did pay for said exchange in one way or another, then you’re no better than any other “John” out there. 

I mean dear god have any of their parents seen this? Does no one see this as degrading? And considering the location I highly doubt any form of contraceptive was used, and that’s a whole other issue I’m not even going to begin to address.   

The boys seem to be off free but the girl is being called out from all corners, and so she should. She’s proud of it, and even created herself a fan page. 

…. People, if you’re a fan of this you need to shake your head. Why are you all making it so easy for people with no talent to have some fame? Great, we created another porn star, but newsflash chica, most porn stars only last about 1yr in the industry, the rest are cast aside because people are sick of their face. 

And if the guy who did the AWESOME balloon stunt got charged by the police, then why on earth haven’t these 3 pathetic excuses for cowboys? They need to receive some form of punishment too. 

As for the rest of us,

Keep it classy Calgary! 


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4 Responses to Stop Making Stupid People Famous Pt.2

  1. inferno335 says:

    …..I will puke over the incident itself later.

    As for the rest of your blog entry, Carolynne, I completely agree – the situation is deplorable, disgusting, and just… ugh. -_-;
    (I also wonder just how close to the same wavelength we think, but that is a story for another time. 😉)

    That… situation… is not making love. It’s not even sex. What it is, however, is three individuals proving just what they are in the dark and in the blazing heat alike.

    The days when the news had people of character on the front pages are sorely missed, at times like these. 😪


  2. Caitlyn says:

    Well said!!! Couldnt agree more.


  3. Wandering Womble says:

    I really wish that people had a built in pause button. There used to be one, it was called conscience, but in our world of instant messaging, 5 minute food and speed dating the whole concept of -stop and think- seems to have become lost in the fear that if you don’t act instantly you might miss something. What happened is disgusting; how and why our society came to this is just very sad.

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