To the people saying Fort McMurray deserves to burn…

First of all, to everyone in Fort McMurray suffering through this, my heart goes out to you. Stay strong…

To all the hypocrites out there…

If I hear one more person say “Fort McMurray deserved to be evacuated/burned down,” I’m going to snap.

Those of you who are sitting there, typing these insults on your technological devices, where do you think those devices come from? Do you think they’re made in wood cabins with fairy dust??? No, they’re made in factories, with machines, that use… OIL!

To those of you who live in Canada, what do you think heats your homes in winter? GAS! 

How do you get to work/school everyday? Do you drive, take the bus or train? Guess what all of those use…. Wait for it… OIL AND GAS!

To say an area anywhere deserves a natural disaster is beyond ignorant, insensitive and downright cruel. When High River flooded I lost all my childhood memories, my family were locked out of their house for MONTHS. My dog was trapped in the basement for two days without fresh water or food until we could rescue her. 

The people in Fort McMurray won’t even have the hope of finding their animals trapped in their homes, those poor animals will have burned to death, alone, desperately waiting for their humans to come save them. Livestock will be terrified and very well may have perished along with the domestic animals. People have lost everything, and yet you sit there, behind your devices mocking them because they worked hard for a living and made a decent salary? Shame on you all.

 Unless you ride a donkey, horse or camel to work, don’t use technology, and live in a log cabin with no electricity that is heated by wood stove, you all use oil and gas in one way or another. God has a special place for people like you in the after life, it’s called Hell. Unless you all change your tone immediately, I suggest you look forward to the flames that will be your eternity, 


An Alberta Proud woman. 

Photo by Donn Horbach

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94 Responses to To the people saying Fort McMurray deserves to burn…

  1. inferno335 says:

    There are specific places and people that deserve to be wrecked: those who lack basic humanity, who steal, kill and/or destroy just because they can.

    Fort MacMurray DOES NOT MATCH a single part of those parameters – period! Anyone who says otherwise… well, you already mentioned what they deserve, Carolynne.


  2. Tim Scoffield says:

    Well said sweetheart!

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  3. Katrina says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  4. Laura Nederlof says:

    Very well written. Could not of said it better myself!

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  5. With Alberta people helping out the Fort McMurray Evacuees I am damn proud to be an Albertan. Anyone who comments saying this province should burn should be taken from their precious homes and sent out to help fight the fires or help rebuild Fort McMurray. Maybe they would see the devastation first hand and have hearts that would break when they see such a state of emergency. All who are proud Albertans are there to help a city that has nothing left.

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    • Right!? I’m pregnant right now so I can’t go near the area to help but I sent a bunch of supplies up with my girl, nice bathroom stuff (body shop) nice clothes, food and kitchen stuff 🙂 #albertaproud

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    • Maggie Jorgensen says:

      Unfortunately anyone so full of hatred will never have the compassion to feel for anyone else. The devastation they would see in Fort McMurray would not touch or warm their stone cold hearts – hatred has blinded them to feel any compassion for anyone else or for the misery that a natural disaster has inflicted on all the people of Fort McMurray or the other areas that have now been destroyed around them. They will feel the hurt when gas and oil are in short supply in Canada due to this disaster but it will still not allow them to feel for anyone else’s suffering.

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  6. Laura says:

    It’s not only Oil & Gas in Fort McMurray.
    Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants etc… When these horrible people are saying these ignorant comments think about all those people as well. It’s a city! Breaks my heart that someone can spue such hate! Hopefully Karma gets these horrible human beings!

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  7. Wow!!!! I can’t believe anybody would say this!! I guess, using the same rationale, if they have ever driven a car or used a vehicle, they deserve their house to burn down.
    As well, they need to get some education and stop listening to the media hype!!

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  8. Heide Doberstain says:

    Very well said.

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  9. Steve stein says:


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  10. Pete N says:

    I worked up there for many years I met a lot of people from there very good kind hearted people and what you said is perfect nobody and no community needs idiots saying that it was deserved to happen I am thanking God that no people were killed and everything that was lost in the fires I hope can be rebuilt bless you all

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  11. Ignorance is rampant in our society. These people will get their reward. What goes around comes around. … Stay strong!

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  12. If you can demonstrate who these idiots are, especially the ones claiming “credit” for starting the fires, please pass that info on to the RCMP for action.

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    • I gladly will. The one man has publicly apologized and has been suspended from work without pay… But still justifies that no fires started before the oil was here… Last I check forest fires happen across Canada every summer without the help of oil…


  13. Richard Morgan says:

    Makes you wonder if these idiots eat. Every mouthful of food that wasn’t actually grown by them was produced and transported by oil.

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  14. Dana says:

    let imagine that Ft.Mac didn’t have the oil sands, and that Alberta in general didn’t produce any oil, and this situation happened, would these people be sending their hate male to Texas? the middle east ??? blaming them for this forest fire? Should we be blaming the eastern united states and Canada who produce much more CO2 than Alberta for this ???

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  15. Dave says:

    I hope that Blake and Chris get the living shit kicked out of them.
    Heartless, unfeeling p.o.s.

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  16. I’m feeling sick to my stomach, I cannot believe someone would even think that, let along put it on the internet.. Seriously, these people are clearly not human, no brains, lack the ability to feel, and don’t deserve the fresh air they are breathing, let along the things they are using which needs oil and gas…. I’m blown away in NewBrunswick 😦

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    • Agreed Nadine. One lady commented and say “why do you care what others say? It shows more about them than you.”
      I said “I care because people are suffering, and they do not deserve to be kicked while they’re down”
      So much insensitivity in this world today


      • tracy stone says:

        People never think to put themselves in another’s shoes they shoot their mouths off without even thinking.. Thank God no one lost their lives, material things can be replaced people can’t nor can pets… I can not image what the people of Fort Mac are going through. Complete and utter despair I am sure. No one deserves this to happen to them it is such a senseless tragedy. I hope the fire goes out in the fields but not in the hearts of the people. For every critic there are many many more offering their love and support. Find comfort in that. God Bless you all

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  17. Tammy says:

    I can’t believe someone would say that,please know they are speaking for themselves and not for anyone else! I can’t imagine what you guys are going through right now,all the homes lost,the poor animals killed or misplaced.It breaks my heart !

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  18. Marlene says:

    These people were likely turned down for a job in Fort Mac.

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  19. Huw Davies says:

    To see the out-poor of love in this time of emotions of desperation, fear, frustration, sorrow and grief, to name a few. The people (if that is what you call them) who are ignorant enough to make remarks in such a time, are very disturbed people. To witness what the people and who are part of the foundation of our country have endured over the past few days and what is in front of them, is indescribable. To witness what has happened over the last year and what little people do have and are still giving is truly outright AMAZING. Much LOVE Alberta!!

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  20. Tony Fisher says:

    They should all be arrested and brought to Ft.Mac to help in the clean up.

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  21. Doug says:

    Well said.

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  22. Terry says:

    Well said. I agree with u 100 per cent. So anyone wants to bash Alberta, all I say just bring it candy ass bitches. I will knocked u out. I am a true born and raised albertan. I love this provice and we all work hard for what we have and in a blink of a eye it can be gone. So shut your mouth and do something right like how your parents raised you and help them in time of crisis. We as Canadians help our friends, neighbors. Cause one day you will some way need help and someone will be there to help you.

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  23. Alanna says:

    Wow I can’t believe the ignorance of some people these are families that have lost their homes you people should be ashamed to say such horrific in this time of need

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  24. Debi says:

    I have never heard one person say this, so this is the first I have seen these words uttered in print … SHAME ON Y’ALL and WAKE UP … no one deserves this EVER, find your humanity and compassion because this could happen to you or someone you know and love one day, although I pray not. My heart and prayers go out to everyone touched by any tragedy in Fort McMurray and anywhere in this world. We are not here to suffer and hurt … we are here to grow and love and be the absolute best that we can be … you can’t tell me you don’t use oil & gas, beneath our jobs and skin colour we are ALL Human BEINGS … let’s all realize that before it is too late please !

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  25. Karen Hjalmarson says:

    I can’t imagine what these poor evacuated people must be going through!
    Anyone with any humanity would feel bad sympathy for them but there will always be self-righteous, entitled weasels who will use these tragedies to forward their twisted little theories which are based on falsehoods and fabrications.
    I sincerely hope that all the people who are suffering this horrible and enduring nightmare recover from it and find some kind of closure, however long that takes.
    My prayers are with you. Stay safe and be strong.

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  26. Ted says:

    Right on!!!!

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  27. David Snider says:

    I really believe these two mutts should be arrested for disseminating hatred. I certainly do not want either one of them to ever have any contact with any member of my family.

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    • Connie says:

      Perhaps if they were arrested, charged and punished for their disgusting behaviour, an example would be made of them, showing everyone that we’re sick and tired of the hateful way that some people treat one another and it won’t be tolerated any longer! Why should it?

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  28. It is not only Albertans that will feel the brunt of this disaster, it will be all of Canada…and those that have those evil thoughts are liars, thieves and good for nothings and have no pride in themselves or their world!

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  29. busted.gut says:

    Well deserved rebuttal. Thank you for standing up to those of ignorance. When things go wrong for them (which I hope does not happen) what kind of kindness will they be hoping for from their fellow man. WOW it amazes me how people can be so rude at times.

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  30. all those who oppose Fort Mac need to keep their yap shut

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  31. Arlene langston says:

    Being from Fort mcmurray I try to overlook these ignoramus and focus on the outpouring of generosity and care from the many. Poor fools are only letting everyone know what pathetic human beings they are. Now, just imagine if this situation happened to them and people reacted in the same manner as they did. It hurts to know people would wish this on others. We all came to Fort mcmurray to make a better way of life. We did. We built our community from the ground up. I can’t even begin to tally the number of bake sales, bottle drives, bingos, selling raffle tickets, going door-to- door and business to business to raise funds for hospital, library, schools, hockey arenas, swimming pools, ball diamonds, soccer pitches and so on. At no time did we quit trying to make Fort mcmurray a community that offered so much. Our children learned the lessons of their parents, that only you can fulfill your dreams. Don’t wait for a handout but we alway gave a handup to any and all. We will go back and we will work together to bring our community back. Fortmcmurray strong, Alberta proud and Canadian forever.

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  32. Trudy Skoreiko says:

    I am a proud Albertan too, Carolynne. I was first Fort Mac in 1972 when the city was on the verge of expansion. In those days it was exciting for people from all over Canada to work in construction, oil sands and the hundreds of related projects in building a community. All were welcomed by the locals. Fort MacMurray has given 1000’s of Canadians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland jobs and money to care for their families and realize their dreams. Alberta has supported many other provinces when we were rich from oil production and they had nothing. The type of people who write hateful comments and blather on about the tar sands “destroying” nature etc. etc. really need to get their heads outta their asses and take a good long look at what Fort MacMurray has done for ALL Canadians. Fort Mac. is a multi-cultural city, has welcomed people from all parts of the world and has never turned her back on anyone. This is a devastating blow for people as individuals and our economy will certainly take a huge hit. But – like all pioneers, Fort Mac. will survive, rebuild and again become a proud community.

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  33. Ken Wambolt says:

    I am here right now in one of the oil sands plants north of Fort McMurray. I have been helping evacuees to get boarded onto flights out of here. I have had about 8-9 hours sleep since Tuesday morning as have many other people helping with the devastating situation. I truly believe if the people making these negative comments were here looking into the eyes of people who know their homes are gone they would have a different attitude. I hope I never see anything like this again. I dare for these people hiding behind their computers to come here and volunteer , be face to face with these evacuees, I don’t think they could repeat what they have posted. It is a truly devastating experience for me one which will remain with me forever.

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  34. Nancy says:

    Can not believe there are nuts like that out there. Mostly jealousy. God bless all, stay safe

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  35. Ladene ayotte says:

    These people who make these statements I,m sure will come to haunt them once on face book it stays . I find jealousy what others have no matter if it is people or companies . I grew up on the prairies and I can r ember many prairie fires we had in the dry years . People are always ready to lend a helping hand not even if they have not much themselves . That’s what human kindess is somewhere we have lost that in our children

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  36. Laverne says:

    My love, don’t worry about idiots like that they are ignorant,self absorbed people . My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone hugs xoxo

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  37. shannon holland says:

    well said and thank you

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  38. Frik says:

    When I hear comments like this, it makes me boil, Gods first commandment is that we love one another, So I will leave it to him to judge these poor misdirected people. For me, my heart is breaking for these folks from the Fort, my family has been burnt out three times, so I know first hand what it is like to lose everything, be it personal or a business loss.

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  39. Debbie Trevors says:

    Stupid , horrible people !!!! “SHAME ON YOU !!!


  40. Becky says:

    Hi Carolyn

    Of course you don’t know me but I have been following Fort Mac Fire on FB. Partially because my brother works there and because of my concern and worry for others. I also had read the ignorant posts and had posted this myself. As you say, there is a special place for people such as that.😉

    I like most others scroll through FB looking at all the horrifying photos and devastating videos of the fire and damage it has caused as it raged through Fort Mac. But to scroll through and read the negative comments from one stating that he hopes everyone is burned alive and the entire province burns just floored me!😡 All that live there do not work in the oil and gas business and have normal everyday lives working in whatever career they have chosen. And the ones that do work in the oil and gas industry, thanks for keeping Alberta alive and prosperous for so many, many years.

    Fort Mac is just another ordinary town with malls, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc., etc., etc. It is home to young families, seniors, and let’s not forget the family pets.

    That poor foolish soul that posted such a disgusting and negative comment; maybe he couldn’t get work there himself? Guaranteed if he had the chance he would be one of the thousands working there. Jealousy is an ugly thing that turns people into green eyed monsters!

    As the old saying goes – THEY WALK AMONG US!! I pity such a fool for stating such UGLY words on FB for all the world to read. If he ever wanted to be famous, he sure is now!

    I thank god that there are only a handful out there that are stupid enough to state such ugly words for the rest of us to read.

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  41. Angela says:

    This upsets me to no end.. but you know what, it comes down to people being jealous of money. The guy who commented about profiting off oil, what does it matter how the person earns their money and how much “money” the have. That doesn’t merit the right for a person to loose their homes, memories, potentially animals and fear for their life. It’s always the people who somehow think that people with money deserve less than others. I read another status commenting about them being “toy hungry.” Those people, as you said, work hard for their money and who cares what toys or vehicles or anything else one accumulates? This has absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand. It is an annoyance to no end when people bring irrelevant information to an argument. Fort McMurray gets a bad name that it doesn’t merit along with the oil companies that reside there. They are more environmentally conscious that the majority of large companies out here and plant more trees than any environmentalist that I have heard of. It’s not Karma, it’s not climate change…. it plan old “weather” that’s happened for hundreds of years long before “climate change” was ever an issue. These people with their asinine statements are acting as if there has never been a forest fire short of the time since climate change has been announced. If you think this is “karma,” why didn’t the actual oil sands catch on fire??…. because it’s NOT karma. I believe it’s a blessing in disguise to put Fort McMurray on the map & shine brighter than EVER before and to show the world that ALBERTANS are wonderful people! ❤

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  42. Tim says:

    It’s scary to think that these days there are so many people like this who have the mind of a serial killer, I mean you would have to in order to even think something so inhumane right?

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  43. Sue Hutchings says:

    I’ve educated a few folks who had nasty things to say. I threw the numbers and facts at them Then I challenged them to use their computer to go to the Red Cross site and donate some money. Every dollar they donate will be matched by the Canadian government. They should stop pointing fingers and bad-mouthing and do something to help. Excellent article, by the way.


  44. Marin Forsberg says:

    Very true! Well written Carolynne. If I may add a few other points –
    First – Not everyone who lives in Fort McMurray works in the Oil and Gas industry. There are many people that work in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, the hospital, emergency services (RCMP, EMT’S, firefighters etc), civil service, real estate etc….these people too have suffered grave loss.
    Secondly – Those that DO work in the Oil Patch do so, not necessarily, because it’s their “dream job”, but because the job they obtained was one that would provide the ability for them to possibly purchase; a home, quality food, clothing, a half decent education, medical services, etc… for their families.
    The hours can be very long. The job can be dirty and dangerous. It is almost always physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. It takes a strong, resilient person to work, and stay working, in the Oil Patch.
    They do it, not for the glamour and fame, but simply to provide the best possible life that they can for their loved ones! Something the majority of us do every day, wherever we work!
    Third and last –
    Green House Emissions; Many people in Canada are very concerned with the emissions that the Oil and Gas industry in Alberta creates. They are bound and determined to “make a change”. Fine. Good for you. However, if you truly want to change things, creating a cleaner world for all of us, would it not make far more sense to focus your energy on the areas creating the most emissions?
    Total Global Emissions –
    China – 24%
    United States – 15%
    European Union – 10%
    Other – 49%
    CANADA – 2% !!!!!!!!!

    In Canada – Canadian Emissions
    Buildings – 12%
    Electricity – 12%
    Transportation – 23%
    Other – 28%
    Oil and Natural Gas – 21%
    Pipelines and Refineries – 4%

    Perhaps you should rally together, not against the smallest offender, but the largest offender, who’s own citizens are frequently seen having to wear breathing masks due to the polluted and toxic air that country is producing daily!

    Within Canada, I would start with transportation since it is the top emission producer.
    Perhaps start by asking yourself how many gas, diesel, and propane operated vehicles do you have in your household? Be sure to include any recreational vehicles.
    Then ask how often do you travel by vehicle a few blocks away? Perhaps to the grocery or liquor store for a quick pick up.
    Of all the times you jump in your car, how often are you all alone in that 4 or more passenger vehicle?
    For transportation companies –
    How often do you send out a truck half full, or less, for deliveries?

    Regarding the Oil and Gas sectors, with all of the scrutiny they have been under these past several years, they have actually made a huge effort to “clean up” their emissions. Yes, perhaps they still have a ways to go, but they ARE doing something.

    Thank you.

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  45. Kristina says:

    Well written. I’m new to Alberta but the strength & incredible sense of community here has humbled me on more than one occasion. How anyone with a shred of humanity could feel anything but compassion and sorrow for the people of Fort McMurray & the other communities now under threat of wildfires, is beyond comprehension. BC, Alberta, Manitoba and now Northern Ontario are now burning. Wildfires are a natural disaster, and the loss of a city like Ft. McMurray is a horrible tragedy. We need to pull together, not point fingers of blame at the victims. These idiots need a good swift kick…at the least.

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  46. Harvey says:

    Bills need to get paid, and they don’t care what job you have. Just like fires don’t care what job you have either.

    People saying Fort Mac “deserves it” because of the evil Tar Sands and oil industry (ooo… scary), are showing us who the real evil is.

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  47. Debi Green says:

    You’re absolutely right Maggie, it is an entire city. In life I believe there is karma and dharma … what we are here to learn AND what we are here to teach. Let’s hope those people saying these horrible things meet their teachers very soon. They will then have complete experiencethat life offers. They will then know from whence they speak. Right now they have no idea what pain and suffering is.

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  48. Misty says:

    Well said girlfriend. I’m one pound Alberta!

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    • Debi Green says:

      Me too Misty .. this is a great place to call these guys out !!!!

      I am intolerant of bigotry, racism, ignorance at any level and just pain idiotic bull@#$% behaviour … barnyard animals have more class and heart that that the heart lass entities whose posts I first read that got my blood boiling. People in Ft McMurray aren’t working up there for the fun and games … it’s crazy HOT in the summer, bitter cold in the winter … the gave all kinds of wild animals and crazy weather to contend with … it’s not the land of honey and big money people think it is. It’s pretty isolated in the wilderness. . It’s harsh beautiful land with people who work and play hard. .. go up there … have a look … then speak!

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  49. Roberta says:


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  50. Bill Coe says:

    I think the rest of the posters have said it all. Good for you, Carolynne.

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  51. Debi Green says:

    Yes, we’ll done YOU !!


  52. Oilsandsgirl. says:

    Friends and coworkers have lost everything this past week. Many of the city firefighters who are putting out fires have lost their homes, RCMP officers from the Wood Buffalo detachment are working long hard hours even when some of them too have lost everything. They have more heart and compassion for those they are helping than you morons saying these things will ever have! You have a nerve but are obituary idiots since you are posting on devices that are made of oil components! You are the sludge at the bottom of the pit and I pity your sad and obviously hopeless lives!

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  53. Bob H says:

    As a senior, I have endured ridicule at being so reluctant to embrace social media. I accept that social media allows us to communicate with friends and family ( especially grandkids ) in a way that no other medium has. However I also see that social media allows cowards to post hateful, hurtfull messages without consequence. These haters spew forth their filth on sm becaues they do not have the courage or character to say it face to face. I greive that so many have been damaged by persons hiding behind anomymity.too cowardly to face those they trash. How many teen suicides have resulted from bullying on sm ? I guess my point is that since sm is a reality in todays society we must not let cowards like those who posted these hateful comments impact us. We must consider the source and pity them more than hate them. They obviously need help. They are small, insequencial, insecure and are using sm to valadate their pathetic, cowardly existance
    To the people of Ft.Mac , Alberta and all those who are so heroic in this disaster, fight on ! You have all people of decency and compassion from all over the planet. Do not let a couple of jerks detract from the great humanitarian effort we are witnessing every day. Ft. Mac will be back.

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  54. Auntyitch says:

    I agree well said. Did anybody report those two dip shits to the police? They deserve charges and noes the time. I don’t believe in God or heaven or hell … But I do believe karma is a bitch and will come around to bite them in the ass as well.

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  55. Kevin Eddy says:

    I will start this with saying my heart goes out to all my fellow McMurraryites. My anger towards those ridiculing Fort mcmurrary and its devastation has my blood boiling hotter than the inferno I drove through to get my family to safety. As I read through tears on my phone which was not made in a cabin somewhere lol what carolynne has to say about you maggot hypocritical bottom feeders my blood stops boiling, and I quickly remember what Alberta proud Alberta strong is all about. my hat not only goes off to all the crews who are on the front line battling to save my home my home town and the industry up there it also goes off to people like carolynne. And definitely carolynne directly thank you so much for your kind words about my and many many thousands others home Of Fort McMurray. Much love. We will rebuild

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  56. Brandy Goldthorpe says:

    I am From Alberta But have lived in BC for many years now. most of my family r from Alberta i am pour to still say i am, from there. my husband and i have been on the same speech as u. people around my parts seem to think there oil and gas is fairy dust too. i often ask them what it is that in that car or truck u drive. that cell phone u live on all day long. i wish there was more people like u out there. i have bet these people that they could not go a hole day with out using gas or oil at lest 1 time. these people that r saying this shit they seem to lack the education and the human part of looking out for thy neighbor weather we r next door or next province or or cross the country or even world. these people i like to call selfish and self centered. no one else but them. just think how pour there mothers or even family r of these people now famous world wide of their hate words and not their love words.

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  57. Al says:

    Alberta is taking names we will remember Air Canada,these enviro knobs. And God help any one if any of the rumours are true in regards to the source of the fire . Thank you for your comments and stand and stay Alberta strong

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  58. Glen Petruk says:

    To Blake and Sheldon, drop the accent you Turkish bastards, as long as the Saudis keep funding Greenpeace you two will have a purpose, not much of one but one that makes you believe we really listen, you mention Karmas a bitch Sheldon, then be very careful how you choose your words or is someone else doing your writing because you keep eating the crayons, and you Blake very well said for somebody that has three years of grade six and who’s feet are five minutes older than your head, all the best to the both of you, your going to need all the help we Albertans can give, as that’s who we are!!! To all of us here in Alberta, thanks for making me proud to be a Canadian from Alberta.
    Glen Perruk

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  59. Gord B says:

    I moved to Edmonton from BC 8 years ago and proud to be here. You sick disgusting pieces of shit that think these moms, dads, grandparents and their children should burn don’t even dignify a response but I couldn’t help it. It was OK for Canada to benefit and people from every province to come here to work. I guess that goes for the people who mine coal, loggers, etc.. I got it – you don’t work do you? You assholes are bottom feeders of the earth and a waste of oxygen. People like you are destroying the earth. Not the people of Alberta. Thankfully, there’s not many of you or the air would really be polluted where you are.

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  60. Rick Cumini says:

    For anyone to speak such stupidity is ignorance in itself ….I’m from Ontario , and I would not wish this type of tragedy on anyone …Believe me when I say we all feel for the West …I am saddened by the thoughts of people leaving their animals and family pets behind . Only to return knowing their homes are gone as are the pets and animals they once cared for . Not to mention their belongings and family treasures , things that are irreplaceable …Be strong , hold strong ! Don’t let Ignorant idiots cloud your judgement of others ….Their day will come ! As one of them has spoken about KARMA !!! They to will feel the wrath !

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  61. Howie pickett says:

    I lived in Fort Mac for almost 6 years I loved it there, the only idiots are the ones who are sayin it deserved to burn, for all you fuckers I hope your house burns to the ground, see how you feel. I got a lot of friends out there and miss them a lot. They are hard workers and would do anything for anyone so fuck you assholes. Karma is a bitch you will get what you deserve!!!

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  62. Norm. Joseph zalway says:

    They should think before they speak it’s gonna affect all of Canada for fuel an oil an how much theve spent all ready fitting this fire theirs lives at stake an children who ever they are stupid thank you

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  63. Thanks for Posting and very well said

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  64. Kari says:


    Here is a list of some local Fort McMurray agencies people could consider donating to:
    Animal donations
    Check with a local animal rescue to see what they are looking for – be it kennels, supplies, food or money.

    Cash, gift cards & monetary donations are so needed & helpful right now. Evacuees have no where to put furniture, household goods or other big things. They need day to day necessities. Not only are they out of their homes (whether their home is lost or not) they are also unable to go to work or school. Food, shelter, clothing, medicine and toiletries & hope, love and support.

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  65. A pussed off Canadaian says:

    To those of you who are so negative about oil and gas and say Karmas a bitch yes she is and she is pissed at you😡 You seem to forget that the plastic water bottle you are drinking from or the beer your enjoying all used oil to make your water bottles or to run the line for your beer. So do us all a favour and keep your comments to your self or start walking drink form a stream and carry it in a wine skin and start using the telegraph to communicate!!

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  66. wanda says:

    Steve Grant from Vancouver is another ass wipe as well. His rant put the two posted above to shame. Unfortunately the whiney assed chicken shit had my comment to him removed. He tried to shut me down but could only block me. Search for him he is a right fucked in the head individual.His profile pic is a semi-frontal, wearing a white baseball cap and glasses in an outdoor setting. This was my message to him. …….Hey!!! You fucking asshole!! Your comments are completely out of line!! As an Albertan who has no ties with Fort Mac personally, I can, want to be clear when I say FUCK YOU!! You are obviously a self absorbed, uneducated, and predujice media fed individual. One who has not done his due diligence knowing the facts and not knowing the underlying truths to the stories fed to the power controlled media. You are a Fuckin’ retard!! Your lack of compassion in a time of disaster for your fellow countrymen, regardless of situation, makes you what is wrong with the increasing mentality of this nation. Fuck you and any hardship or distaste that may affect you in the future. I hope people show you the same compassion and understanding. ASSHOLE!!
    Oh and by the way…when the tsunami or earthquake hits Van, I’ll
    be one first to donate a dingy and a life jacket!!!

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