Broke as F?$k

How people can maintain a life on low or little income is beyond me. I know it’s not about the material things, I am completely aware that love and happiness are paramount in life. However, how do you sleep at night knowing you can’t give the people you love the things you think they deserve? 

Growing up I watched both my parents work their asses off. Mum was a nurse, then in England usually worked two jobs at once. Dad would drive up to 3 hours away for a job, work 10hr days and still make time for us when he came home. But all that hard work permitted us to have a wonderful upbringing. Almost everything we could need or want was provided (as long as we deserved it that is.) I watched my parents buy each other sweet gifts at Christmas, typically quite expensive, and watch their eyes light up. They’d watch us open ours and gleam with happiness. Christmas in our house was always plentiful, no matter how tight things were.  

I remember wishing one day I would be like them. One day I’d love someone so much I’d work my hands to the bone for them. 


I can’t work right now docs suggested I don’t and my partner and family agree. So here I am, with so many events coming, my partners birthday, the birth of our child, and I’m broke as f*ck. 

Nothing kicks you in the confidence like being pregnant (bye bye model body for now), feeling like crap, and being broke. 

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