All The World Is a Stage 

One of my earliest memories is of preschool. I remember my favourite area was the far corner, where the dress-up trunk was. I would play over there by myself for what seemed like hours. I remember getting mad at the others if they tried to play with me. I was in a land of make believe and didn’t want to share my production plans with anyone else.

One day in particular, participation with classmates was mandatory, and at first I wanted nothing to do with it, until I heard we were doing a play of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”

I was so excited. My mum and I read this story every other night (I loved this, the ugly duckling and many others) I wanted more than anything to be the baby billy goat, in fact, I told myself I HAD to be the baby goat.

When they chose the smallest, shortest child for the baby goat I was infuriated. I sat on the floor in the middle of the group, arms folded tight, chin to my chest, full pout. I was NOT going to play if I didn’t get to be the baby goat.

The teachers tried to talk to me, tried to move me, and then one said, “Carolynne, if you don’t move we’ll build the bridge around you and you can be the Troll under the bridge.”

I was horrified, but still stubborn as ever, I held my ground.

And so did she…

They built the bridge right overtop of me and sat all the parents down for the afternoon presentation.

The first goat walked up the bridge and the teacher made the “clip-clop” sound of the hoof.

I said nothing

She made the clip clop again….

I still said nothing…

She made the clip-

And I screamed so angrily “WHO’S STOMP STOMPING ON MY BRIDGE!!!??”

And the crowd loved it, they thought I was such a great actor. I carried on the act through the whole show and at the end was quite proud of the role I played.

Moral of the story:

Sometimes we have to play roles in the story of our lives that seem ugly or unappealing, but in the end they make others see a side of us not often visible, and thus we have more integrity  and whole heartedness  than those who have not walked a mile in undesirable shoes.

Shakespeare once said: “all the world is a stage”. I believe the person who can see the perspective of ALL the players parts, is, perhaps, the most humble and wise of all.

Photo credit: Randy Porter

Hair n Makeup: Tara Smith

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