Illuminated Vintage Fashion

Our group reunited late August to create a shoot that’s been in the makings since March. Here’s how it all came to be.

Almost immediately after the MAKE FASHION show back in March, I was contacted by local photographer Tim Nguyen (Citrus Photography). He was so inspired by our designs (and loved my crazy red outfit) that he asked if we would like to shoot a collaboration when the snow clears.

The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and behold we were half way through August and we finally got the whole team together to create a fashion masterpiece.

We met at local makeup artist Erin Winters studio around 3:30. Eloise was first, followed by myself and the designers. Sonia and Zoe’s call times for hair and makeup we’re until 5:30 so we had some time to hang out and visit. Erin has such an enchanting little studio, filled with British collectibles and beautiful, couture art pieces. Not to mention her darling, ancient Himalayan cat Ayesha (about 20yrs old). The kitty clumsily walked into the sitting room, meowed her little ancient meow at us, got a few cuddles, and then curled up under the table to watch us get ready. It was a long walk for her from the other room! Cats have such hard lives. She has another kitty too but we didn’t see that one.
As we did makeup we joked and laughed about personal stories, switched chairs from makeup to hair and back to makeup. Ordered pizza (my favourite part!) and then headed out to the shoot.

Our first location was 10st and memorial dr, right along the side of the river. It was about 11pm when we started shooting. We would take turns shooting with either Paul or Tim, then take a quick break in between sets. We shot in about 4 different spots at this location.

During one of my sets filming with paul, I was engaged looking at the camera, and walked full speed into a low, wooden bench, tripped, went flying, but managed to brace my fall with my left hand and catch the giant hat with my right. I regained my composure and had Paul continue shooting. As he was panning up my leg he said, “oh dear, carolynne, you’re bleeding.” And sure enough, I was, so we yelled for makeup and had erin come patch me up. If at one point in the video you see a bandaid on my shin… That’s what it’s covering.
Also, my dress is made of a completely different material than any of the others, in fact, it’s close to a thin plastic (safety vest material). Once I sweat the tiniest bit that night, it cooled to my body. We shot next to a river for quite some time, and it seems (now it’s a month later) this was the coupe de gras to me getting this awful bout of pneumonia! I promise I will take a break this week… Sort of. Doctor said I have to…

On a happier note…

I can’t express how delighted I am with the footage and photos from this shoot. The girls brought their A game and we nailed it.

Now, the team have created sooo much buzz, the two main designers have been invited to “Makerfair” in Italy! You can donate to their journey to help support local fashion and talent (these girls are amazing) please go to the following link:

They only have 10 days left! Help these two, talented, lovely girls show the world these amazing designs seen and modelled by myself, Eloise Yaskiw, Sonia Razniewski, and Zoe Klintberg.

Btw. Those awesome red shoes… Yes, you guessed it, that’s me strutting.

Here’s my fashion film (the one I maimed my shin on the bench in. Also, it still has a scab. A month later. Trust me. It was a DEEP gash)

Want to know how the fashion show Make Fashion 2014 came to be for our troupe? And how we went from complete strangers to not only colleagues, but friends as well, here’s what you missed


here’s where it began:



Heres my Fashion Film


Here’s our collaboration:

Video by: Paul Spenard

Here’s our EPIC photos, which, resulted in my getting pneumonia! Lol! It was worth it!

Photos by Tim Nguyen:

Models pages:



Unfortunately the other two models don’t have pages :

TQN_1898-Edit_sm TQN_1871-Edit_sm TQN_2000-Edit_sm TQN_2117-Edit_sm TQN_2272_sm TQN_2218_sm TQN_2413_sm TQN_2353_sm TQN_2202 TQN_2346_sm TQN_2374_sm TQN_1960 TQN_2066 TQN_2007 TQN_2229_sm TQN_2254_sm

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