A sea of endless questions
floods my once crisp mind.
While I can look,
it’s as though I am blind.

When I peer into the glass
I do not know who I see,
The person staring is a ghost,
A shell of who I used to be.

I tell my body to work, come on,
You know how
I don’t understand why I can’t get up
Why I keep saying, “ow.”

My gait has changed
I shuffle slow, with care,
But I’ve already forgotten
I broke my hip…just over there.

So I try to get up,
Yet I’m writhing in pain.
Why do I feel this
Pain again?

Who are you?
Where am I?
I don’t know you
I don’t know why…

I’m left with all these questions
And nothing can set them straight
So I sit, trapped in my body
While I wait…And wait…And wait.

June 14 2022

Dementia #dementiaawareness

For Grandad

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