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  • What is wrong with the world today?

    Everyday I constantly hear people ask the same question, what’s wrong with the world today? Well, honestly… most of you asking the question to be honest! Somehow you’ve managed  (and I’m generalizing here I understand there are exceptions to this … Continue reading → Read more

  • Empty Vessels

    Have you ever been so depressed you can’t feel a thing? I mean you really can’t feel a thing? You can’t cry, you can’t laugh, you can barely think, you literally cannot feel? My mum asked me today why people … Continue reading → Read more

  • Lost Identities

    Alright, I know I’m gonna get some flack back for this one but here we go. I’ve lived in 3 countries, one of which had 1 simple identity and you were all to conform to that or you were not … Continue reading → Read more

  • Decency is “Hanging” by a thread

    For many years I’ve been watching the degradation of human decency within our society. Reverend Jim Jones wiped out a whole town… stay away from the kool-aid… Manson brainwashed people to murder and sabotage… rebel wars in Africa leave families, … Continue reading → Read more

  • Welcome To The Teaparty

    Good morning western world, I suppose this is my first blog. It’s kind of hard to see the screen when my 10lb russian blue cat is walking in front of it so bear with me if i should happen to make … Continue reading → Read more