Model Monday: DREAMS

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a model in a magazine. I wanted to be that girl on the freshly printed pages, high gloss, the image of perfection.

LUXE by Calgary Bride Magazine comes out DECEMBER 17, 2014, and will be on stands until December 2015. Guess what this issue is called? DREAMS
I have a full feature, full editorial, and am also part of another editorial. The feature, in particular, absolutely blew me away. You must understand, as a model in a feature, and 2 editorials, I am merely one piece of a giant puzzle, something that cannot be completed without the talent, skill, and hard work of several people.

And it also has to come from a vision. All of the parts I’m in were all the editors “dreams” at one point. I am astounded by the visions this woman had, and even more honoured that she chose me to reenact her dream and make it real.

I can say with pride that I have worked with a magnitude of skilled individuals, and have become friends with many of them. I couldn’t have made it this far without you all! With that being said:
(Cue Oscar speech:)

First and foremost: Thank you Lynn, for seeing something in me in a room full of people, for letting me be part of your amazing vision, part of your dreams. It has been an honour working with you (and your daughter!) and I welcome more opportunities in the future! Cheers to an amazing edition!


To Dianne, designer of the stunning grey dress: thank you does not cover how grateful I am to you. I am blessed to not only call you an amazing designer, but also my friend. You hold a special place in my heart.

To Andras, the photographer of the feature: thank you so incredibly much! Not only for your amazing talent, but for caring about my well being on set (the groomsmen ate all the pizza, Andras got mad and said “someone needs to get you a granola bar or something!”) for being an absolute joy to work with, and of course, for the out of this world feature photo spread you did, I am truly blown away. I will work with you hands down any day Andras!!! You name it I’ll be there.


Jenny and Rasha: (diva salon) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING ME LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! We had so much fun behind the scenes, including when you got the pic of me all done up, and in a onesie with a robe over it on my way to the shoot downtown at 7am!) thank you for all the behind the scenes shots, for being so positive and supportive, so accommodating, you were such joys to work with! If you ever need me again let me know.

To Fiona and Catherine: you two ladies are a force to be reckoned with. Both stunningly beautiful, talented, and so on top of everything it’s no wonder LUXE comes out with such stellar spreads when it has you two backing it up. When I was lost fiona you helped me find where I was going, you always paid me the day I sent my invoice (you’re the best!), Catherine you were always there with whatever I needed be it nylons, snacks, water, or just to hold my dress up. You know how to help direct me in a shot and always know just where to put me for it too! You are both angels among us, and I have been blessed to work with you.

To my groomsmen: THANKS FOR EATING ALL THE PIZZA!!!! NOT! I was sooo hungry!!! Not cool guys! However you looked lovely in your suits and we’re definitely fun to work with. Kelly especially 🙂 (and no, before you get any ideas it’s not like that! Lol Kelly’s gay we just had a blast on set)


To Tifah and Jasmine: Tifah, thank you for being a lovely dog!!!! (Jasmine most of the credit for that goes to you) Thank you Jasmine for being so accommodating and allowing me to pose with your darling canine.


To Scott (editorial photographer) thank you for the stunning images, and for working with me in the rain! I know it wasn’t the best conditions but hey we pulled it off! I love the spread! If you ever need a model please let me know it was a pleasure working with you.


To Trena: (hair and makeup editorial) lady, you’re such a talent. Thank you for having me at your makeup class, for all the laughs about our kitty children! Anytime you need me again you know how to find me 🙂


And for the make fashion editorial:


To Jason: my Jason, my Junicorn.Where would I be without you? So glad to have started this journey with you honey, now let’s cheers to a great year and never having to style around that hat again! (The big red one)

To Ivonne: thank you for the beautiful makeup, the giggles, and sharing your beauty with me. Lady you need to get back to modelling! So stunning.

To Edward Ross: your photography is absolutely out of this world. Thank you for having me on the Makerland shoot, should you ever need a new muse please contact me!

To Kenzie, Stacey, Amie,: thank you for the most stand out outfit! The hat (even tho it was a heavy hat) absolutely made that outfit, and I’m so honored I was the model you chose to pull it off. The dress was killer, the open back I think was the big wow factor! Way to go ladies! I’m so proud of what you have achieved! I look forward to possibly being your muse again at Make Fashion 2015!

I’d say pinch me I’m dreaming, but this isn’t a dream anymore, my dream actually came true.

This year I did fall down the rabbit hole, but I came out somewhere magical that I could never have anticipated. Thank you, for everyone and all the magic you bring to my life.


These pictures do not do the magazine justice. They are simply for those of you who can’t get access to the magazine. If you would like to purchase one they are available across Alberta at:
Shoppers Drug Mart
And more!

If you’re not in Alberta message me on here and I’ll see what I can do about sending you one. Again, thank you to everyone who’s supported me on this journey.





















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How can we blame others for plastic when we’re also the problem?

Photo provided by The Ocean Legacy Foundation

Welcome to the plastocalypse, where plastic has literally invaded every segment of our world. It’s not only packaged on our food, it’s in our phones, our cars, our clothes, and it’s even getting into the food we eat. Plastic pollution is a serious problem. We can all point fingers at the large corporations for providing it in the first place, but we all played a part in this. Every purchase we make of single use plastic creates an effect. If we want change, then it’s going to have to start with us.

And that’s why Natural Talent Alliance, in collaboration with the Victoria International Marina, and The Ocean Legacy Foundation, created the Future Oceans Fashion Show.

Photo by Andras Schram, Model Stephanie Cogs

A fashion show like none other, 10 designers from around the world will be utilizing reclaimed ocean plastics and wastes and turning them into couture wearable art pieces which our esteemed models will then strut down Canada’s longest runway. We are also featuring some of the top lines of eco sustainable fashion in and around western Canada. It is essential to us not only to create awareness, but to establish circular economies throughout the world to secure solid sustainability not only on an individual or corporate level, but on a global one.

Photo by Peace Boat US

Members of our associations have been invited to speak with the UN on the Peace Boat US to discuss our project and how we plan to initiate change. As an official partner of the UN Nations World Oceans Day, Peace boat will hold a range of events on board the ship together with partners from the UN and civil society working to protect our oceans.

Photo courtesy of Victoria International Marina

Join us at the beautiful Victoria International Marina on July 1st, 2019, not only for this amazing event but to launch the Grand Opening of Canada’s first green, luxury-super yacht marina!

This event will be an absolute hit! But we need your support…

To find out how you can assist us in this endeavour (whether it be through sponsorship or volunteering) please reach out to us at NTA at we’d love to chat.

Do you care? Then I’ll see you there, July 1, 2019. Get your tickets here

Photo by Andras Schram, Model Stephanie Cogs
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Prisoners Justice Day 2021

A lot of you don’t know this, but across Canada, Prisoners at all Institutions are fasting for the entire day to support “Prisoners Justice Day.” This movement has been in effect since 1974, something dear to those inside who know the hardships inmates endure… It’s held annually on August 10th to honour those in the system who have died “unnatural deaths” while incarcerated, to celebrate the few who gave voice to prisoners and fought for rights for them… and yet, no one ever talks about it… 40+ yrs later…

I know, I hear you… why should you care? It’s just a bunch of criminals right? They deserve to be in there so they deserve what they get? Correct?

And, disclaimer, if you’re a child molester, child murderer, etc, you probably do deserve what you get… but…. They only make up a tiny percentage of prisoners… the majority are in there thanks to a failed Justice system, broken homes and neighbourhoods, poor reserves, childhood abuse/trauma/neglect, addiction issues, you name it. They are the broken, the forgotten, the people you label a “bad influence” and push away under the carpet like the dust you just didn’t have the time or effort to clean… but what happens to them once they get there???

There are literally hundreds of lawsuits against institutions across Canada for inhumane treatments of prisoners while in detention, and I’m not talking “oh the food was bad” cause half the time to food is completely inedible so let’s get that straight. I mean correctional officers forcing inmates to fight against their will, sexual assault by other inmates or guards, physical and verbal assault by inmates and guards, mental and physical degradation on a daily basis.

Want an example? I know a guy who went to Edmonton Max for DUI, he was supposed to serve 2 yrs. He was forced into a fight by guards against a man who tried to kill him… it was kill or be killed… and this gentleman “won” the fight… what he “won” was a life sentence for murder… and later when his family drove up to see him from Manitoba, approx 12hrs… they were killed in a tragic car accident… now tell me that he deserved what he got? He now spends his days making art and drawing while serving a 20yr sentence…. Or what about the man he had to kill in order to get the life sentence? What about all the other lives that NO ONE EVER HEARS ABOUT OR EVEN BLINKS AN EYE FOR????

When these “criminals” come out they are never the same, and rarely rehabilitated. They’re scared, demoralized, and without hope… and you expect them to integrate back into society after months if not years of torture? And just carry on? There’s a reason there’s an actual term for people like that. They say they’re “institutionalized.” That’s a polite way of saying they have Stockholm Syndrome mixed with PTSD. They need help, the need love, they need a system that has let them down time and time again.

I can still hear you, “so what they deserve to suffer.”

Says who?

Says you?

Have you ever been wrongfully accused of anything?

Have you ever made a mistake?

Have you ever engaged in any kind of illegal activity and thanked God you were never caught?

You are not immune to what happened to them, you got lucky. You didn’t have to tread the line that they do, scared for their lives, staring at 4 cement walls encased around them, battling daily degradation, humiliation, and isolation from any kind of solace… praying someone will take the time to visit them, take their calls or write to them… instead of forget about them which so many are so apt to do.

For anyone with loved ones in prison, you know how hard it is. My heart goes out to you big time. To all the people who have lost someone in prison, or lost pieces of themselves while incarcerated, my heart goes out to you too. May you all know the joy of living again, and know that some people do not live to control and degrade, some of us just want the best for all of you.

Lastly, for all the people doing time on the inside, way to stand up in solidarity. You may be “ghosts” to some, but I see you. I see Dead People… and you CAN live again, you just need a good spirit handler to lift y’all up. Stay strong x

One day at a time boys x

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All The World Is a Stage 

One of my earliest memories is of preschool. I remember my favourite area was the far corner, where the dress-up trunk was. I would play over there by myself for what seemed like hours. I remember getting mad at the others if they tried to play with me. I was in a land of make believe and didn’t want to share my production plans with anyone else.

One day in particular, participation with classmates was mandatory, and at first I wanted nothing to do with it, until I heard we were doing a play of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”

I was so excited. My mum and I read this story every other night (I loved this, the ugly duckling and many others) I wanted more than anything to be the baby billy goat, in fact, I told myself I HAD to be the baby goat.

When they chose the smallest, shortest child for the baby goat I was infuriated. I sat on the floor in the middle of the group, arms folded tight, chin to my chest, full pout. I was NOT going to play if I didn’t get to be the baby goat.

The teachers tried to talk to me, tried to move me, and then one said, “Carolynne, if you don’t move we’ll build the bridge around you and you can be the Troll under the bridge.”

I was horrified, but still stubborn as ever, I held my ground.

And so did she…

They built the bridge right overtop of me and sat all the parents down for the afternoon presentation.

The first goat walked up the bridge and the teacher made the “clip-clop” sound of the hoof.

I said nothing

She made the clip clop again….

I still said nothing…

She made the clip-

And I screamed so angrily “WHO’S STOMP STOMPING ON MY BRIDGE!!!??”

And the crowd loved it, they thought I was such a great actor. I carried on the act through the whole show and at the end was quite proud of the role I played.

Moral of the story:

Sometimes we have to play roles in the story of our lives that seem ugly or unappealing, but in the end they make others see a side of us not often visible, and thus we have more integrity  and whole heartedness  than those who have not walked a mile in undesirable shoes.

Shakespeare once said: “all the world is a stage”. I believe the person who can see the perspective of ALL the players parts, is, perhaps, the most humble and wise of all.

Photo credit: Randy Porter

Hair n Makeup: Tara Smith

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Messiah Complex

Today, I managed to check off something on my bucket list. Seen as though I could not make it to my uncles funeral, I was surprised with front row tickets to see Russell Brand. So I dolled myself up, and went to the jubilee and lined up to see this personality who so far had only the impressions he’d given me from television and writing.
It was only recently I had started reading his books, I found it strange how certain aspects of his childhood rang familiar in my own. Not only that but his vocabulary and use of educational padding in his writing was a delightful change from the bog standard, American takes of “Hollywood glamour” Finally someone showed the world what it’s like to be English. You think the world is judgey? You didn’t grow up 80’s, 90’s England. We’re the poster children for confused, perhaps why we’ve made such steps to be enlightened in adulthood.
Anyway. De railing.
I was sitting front row in my seat and I heard strange Tibetan music in the background, I remember thinking “I bet he’s meditating backstage” and he probably was.
He came on stage shortly after, and we all cheered and applauded. When he said “oi” we all yelled oi back at him and I think caught him off guard! After that he asked for the lights to be turned up so he could see us. I then proceeded to say “hello russell!” And he turned! Looked right at me! And said “fucking ‘ell you’re alright aren’t ya!” (Alright in England means “hot”, well in that context anyway, if someone says “u alright? That actually means “how are you.” Anyway, de railing again) well, that made my day, Russell brand said I was hot.
He did the show, longer than most comedians, he’s definitely not a premature-leave the stage guy 🙂
When he was done I sprinted front n centre and yelled “Russell!!!” And he turned to me, sauntered towards me like a cat, and said “yes” I begged him to sign my books, and he did, again saying “you’re alright! Where u from!” And giving me those deep dark almost celtic old eyes. The talk was the usual banter, I didn’t care, I was just happy I’d caught his attention. I then asked him for a picture and he pulled my head towards his groin and I smiled and took the pic! It was my life long mission to have a book signed by an author, let alone both of his books! I’m absolutely over the moon, I got to meet an amazing talent, have him sign my books, take a pic, and as a bonus got to touch his genitals. All in all, it was a great night!!!!




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Playtime with Porter

Looking for edgy photos? I found Calgary’s photographer with an EDGE, and that, my dears, is the lovely Randy Porter.
Randy and I have meant to shoot with each other forever but my schedule is awful so I finally managed to accommodate him. And now that I have I almost wish I’d missed out on sleep before to catch up on shoots with this darling man.
I’ve heard some say, “it’s hard to be comfortable around men,” this is not the case with Randy. He’s professional, direct, and knows the shot before you’ve even thought of the pose. The beautiful images he takes can either be spat out of the camera raw and used (trust me they’re that good) or he can touch them up, or go full creative mode on them.
Here’s some shots from our first shoot together. We’re shooting again ASAP (probably this week)
If you want gorgeous, edgy photos like mine. Book with randy.
And…. If you think this hair and makeup was all me…. You’re wrong.
All done by my stylist Tara Carter.





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Field of Dreams

A couple weeks ago i reunited with my darling friend and associate Nicholas Kunn for a photo shoot out in a hay field. As always, nick and I had a blast.

We drove out east on hwy 22x toward Indus, stopping in a recently baled hay field that was boardered by a green, grass edge and then a marshy area.

We did 6 outfit changes…

And true to form, just like the movie “field of dreams,” we built it, and they came.

The farmer across the way must’ve called his friends cause suddenly truck after truck would creep by watching us. We laughed the whole time. It doesn’t bother me when people watch me model. I find it flattering. 🙂

Here’s what we came up with! To book Nicholas you can message at

And for awesome hair and makeup like mine book my stylist at













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Illuminated Vintage Fashion

Our group reunited late August to create a shoot that’s been in the makings since March. Here’s how it all came to be.

Almost immediately after the MAKE FASHION show back in March, I was contacted by local photographer Tim Nguyen (Citrus Photography). He was so inspired by our designs (and loved my crazy red outfit) that he asked if we would like to shoot a collaboration when the snow clears.

The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, and behold we were half way through August and we finally got the whole team together to create a fashion masterpiece.

We met at local makeup artist Erin Winters studio around 3:30. Eloise was first, followed by myself and the designers. Sonia and Zoe’s call times for hair and makeup we’re until 5:30 so we had some time to hang out and visit. Erin has such an enchanting little studio, filled with British collectibles and beautiful, couture art pieces. Not to mention her darling, ancient Himalayan cat Ayesha (about 20yrs old). The kitty clumsily walked into the sitting room, meowed her little ancient meow at us, got a few cuddles, and then curled up under the table to watch us get ready. It was a long walk for her from the other room! Cats have such hard lives. She has another kitty too but we didn’t see that one.
As we did makeup we joked and laughed about personal stories, switched chairs from makeup to hair and back to makeup. Ordered pizza (my favourite part!) and then headed out to the shoot.

Our first location was 10st and memorial dr, right along the side of the river. It was about 11pm when we started shooting. We would take turns shooting with either Paul or Tim, then take a quick break in between sets. We shot in about 4 different spots at this location.

During one of my sets filming with paul, I was engaged looking at the camera, and walked full speed into a low, wooden bench, tripped, went flying, but managed to brace my fall with my left hand and catch the giant hat with my right. I regained my composure and had Paul continue shooting. As he was panning up my leg he said, “oh dear, carolynne, you’re bleeding.” And sure enough, I was, so we yelled for makeup and had erin come patch me up. If at one point in the video you see a bandaid on my shin… That’s what it’s covering.
Also, my dress is made of a completely different material than any of the others, in fact, it’s close to a thin plastic (safety vest material). Once I sweat the tiniest bit that night, it cooled to my body. We shot next to a river for quite some time, and it seems (now it’s a month later) this was the coupe de gras to me getting this awful bout of pneumonia! I promise I will take a break this week… Sort of. Doctor said I have to…

On a happier note…

I can’t express how delighted I am with the footage and photos from this shoot. The girls brought their A game and we nailed it.

Now, the team have created sooo much buzz, the two main designers have been invited to “Makerfair” in Italy! You can donate to their journey to help support local fashion and talent (these girls are amazing) please go to the following link:

They only have 10 days left! Help these two, talented, lovely girls show the world these amazing designs seen and modelled by myself, Eloise Yaskiw, Sonia Razniewski, and Zoe Klintberg.

Btw. Those awesome red shoes… Yes, you guessed it, that’s me strutting.

Here’s my fashion film (the one I maimed my shin on the bench in. Also, it still has a scab. A month later. Trust me. It was a DEEP gash)

Want to know how the fashion show Make Fashion 2014 came to be for our troupe? And how we went from complete strangers to not only colleagues, but friends as well, here’s what you missed


here’s where it began:



Heres my Fashion Film


Here’s our collaboration:

Video by: Paul Spenard

Here’s our EPIC photos, which, resulted in my getting pneumonia! Lol! It was worth it!

Photos by Tim Nguyen:

Models pages:



Unfortunately the other two models don’t have pages :

TQN_1898-Edit_sm TQN_1871-Edit_sm TQN_2000-Edit_sm TQN_2117-Edit_sm TQN_2272_sm TQN_2218_sm TQN_2413_sm TQN_2353_sm TQN_2202 TQN_2346_sm TQN_2374_sm TQN_1960 TQN_2066 TQN_2007 TQN_2229_sm TQN_2254_sm

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behind the scenes of my FIRST FEATURE SHOOT

I landed this gig months ago, while on set for a collaboration editorial for LUXE magazine. I was sitting in a room full of people and just happened to be next to the editor. Instead of being a mindless drone and playing with my phone like most people off side at a shoot, I struck up a conversation with her. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew she was saying she needed a “size 8 model for a dress she thought of in a dream.” And when she explained her dream I was absolutely taken by it. Instantly I piped up and said, “I’m a size 8!” And from there we exchanged details.
Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to a couple months and I had begun to wonder if perhaps the lovely editor had not gone through with the idea… Until…
Jason, (oh Jason, how I love you) messaged me and said “come to the best garage sale of the year! My designer friend is having a garage sale,” I explained I was broke, and he told me not to worry about it and brought me anyway and insisted on purchasing something for me.
When we arrived we had so much fun, I ended up getting a brand new, real, Louis Vuitton. When we went inside to talk I saw a dress on the mannequin…
It looked just like the dress the editor had explained to me…

I said, hey, I know that dress… I think I was supposed to model it.
Dianne said, ” no way you know about that, wait, are you carolynne?”
I squealed in response, “yes!!! Yes I am! Oh my god!”
So we hugged, and right there on the spot she took my measurements to properly tweak the dress (the one on the mannequin was the practise dress made to a typical size 8).

At a fitting with the proper dress, the editor asked me if I wanted to do an editorial for them, so that day i got booked for another shoot!

The material was from Italy, the dress fit me like a glove. Dianne truly is one of the best designers in this town hands down.

When it came time to shoot, we all met at endeavour arts gallery. I sat in hair and makeup with the girls from diva salon and spa, jenny and Rasha.
The photographer came around the corner and low and behold it was the infamous Andras Schram, someone I’ve wanted to shoot with for quite some time. I shook his hand and tried to contain my excitement.

After I finished in hair and makeup

I eagerly ran to where the pizza was as I was so hungry. I opened all 4 boxes to see not one piece left. The groomsmen ate all the pizza. I began praying for strength to:
a) not flip out (I’m hypoglycaemic)
b) be able to to stand/ walk pose for the next 3 hours in a tight corset after not eating.

The photographer saw my dismay and inquired as to whether or not I had eaten yet. I said that I hadn’t, and he insisted someone get me a granola bar. Before someone could I was being put into the corset, last minute adjustments here and there, and waited while the rep from Calgary jewellers placed a $21,000 Chanel Watch on my wrist, and went outside to join the rest of the crew.

1-2014-09-18 18.59.28 1-2014-09-18 18.59.32 1-2014-09-18 19.00.31 1-2014-09-18 19.03.19
My first fellow model was a beautiful dark, Great Dane by the name of Tifah. She was a stunning dog, but by far the strongest I have ever tried to handle. I was in 4inch heels, a corset, a dress with a giant train, and trying to handle a mini horse while posing a watch, dress, hat, and body just right, I’ll have you know this was not easy! Especially at rush hour!

1-2014-09-18 19.23.26 1-2014-09-18 19.27.34 1-2014-09-18 19.29.46
We then moved over to the car where I posed with my groomsmen, then to a limo. We ran out of daylight so the photographer and I suggested we re shoot that following weekend.

We got together at the designers House at 7am. Rasha and jenny worked quickly to do me up before they had to work, and Dianne got the dress ready. We met Andras at the set again and this time I got changed outside, in the back alley behind endeavour. (This wasn’t too bad as I showed up in a onesie, all I had to do was slip out of one and into the other.

1-2014-09-21 08.42.22 HDR

Andras got right to work and began working his magic. TO VIEW THE MAGAZINE YOU CAN PURCHASE IT AS OF DECEMBER 17, 2014

1-2014-09-21 10.10.00

To pick up your copy of the magazine head to








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4 Stampede Fashion Must Have’s

Freddy facts of the week

The greatest outdoor show is coming to Calgary for its annual debut on Friday, THE CALGARY STAMPEDE!!! And as much as it is a celebration of western riding and culture, it’s also a chance to strut your cowboy fashion sense up and down the midway. I’ve comprised a list of 4 essentials in order to pull off the stampede runway with style. 

1. Cowboy hat/ Cute hairstyle

If you look good in a hat, go for it! I always like the sparkly ones. If not I suggest something with braids and some curls. Or you can go for the pigtails or pigtail braids, very on point.

2. Plaid Shirt

Nothing says rodeo living like a plaid shirt. You can also step this up a notch and find some western shirts at your local western store. 

3. Blingy Belt and Jewelry

Think BIG when it comes to belt buckles, and the more sparkle it has the better. As for jewelry you can play it up or play it small, if it sparkles it’ll look great either way. 

4. The Best Denim

Jeans are a staple of the western world, but those bulky wranglers don’t do much when it comes to shaping a girl or accenting your butt. Freddy has hands down the hottest denim for all your stampede needs. Rather than buying some cheap pair of pants just for stampede, get yourself a set that will last you forever. 


Bralette by Jenny Frank

Jeans by Freddy Freddy USA

Photos by Walt Klimasch and Pablo Ley

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

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