Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Finale

Can we all just take a moment and applaud the Duffer Brothers, the cast and crew for this brilliant piece of art.

I, like many diehard fans, waited up until 12am PST (1am in my world) to catch the first drop of the show. My tv only lagged for about a minute, so I must’ve been ahead of the millions of others who got locked out (sorry y’all!)

So… what happened?

First of all, we got our girl 11 back. And who among us can say they felt in tune with her this season? Cause I certainly did. As someone who was severely bullied growing up this season hit me hard. Prior to these episodes when eleven said she didn’t fit in “anywhere” I felt that. But our girl got her spark back so to speak, and we’re about to see what eleven can actually do.

Are any of us actually surprised about the prison/lab in Russia? They’ve always had some huge part in this, but it’s no surprise they’re poking prodding the Demi dogs to see what makes them tick. In a strange way, the cinematography almost makes you feel bad for the creature, now that’s some serious skill. Almost in the way we felt sorry for Dart in season 2. “I’m sorry…. You ate my cat.” LMFAO. I felt for dart until he ate Mews… after that dart was on my shit list. No matter how much he purrs while eating nougat.

Argyle, Jonathan, Mike and Will still continue their dazed trip on the way to get El, and we finally see what Will was painting. It’s pretty cool, honestly I was sort of expecting something else, but neat how it all poured in. I noticed the symbol on mikes armour was 2/3 of the claddagh, an Irish emblem on many wedding/engagement rings. Where the crown stands for loyalty and the heart for love. Despite your opinions on Mike he is loyal to a fault, and has much heart, which, makes him react quite emotionally sometimes, but him and will definitely have the higher EQ of the bunch.

I had a feeling El would be ready for them when they got there, and thanks to some keen eyes from Argyle, their timing couldn’t be more perfect. While the military chopper snipes down papa with 3 hits, El, clad in a destruction collar, destroys the chopper and the entire fleet of vehicles. In papa’s last moments he deactivates El’s collar, and begs for her understanding. But much as any child who had been abused or hurt by an elder, El feels no remorse for him. Maybe a twinge for the loyalty that her Stockholm syndrome had induced, but once she grew up and saw the image in full perspective, and what happened to her mother, she simply says “goodbye papa,” and walks away.

Powerful. Papa dies.

Then we get the pivotal moment of all the best adventure movies from the 80’s/90’s, a deadly build up where they prepare for war. We saw it in Monster Squad, Lost Boys, Commando, Predator, etc. and these were always such an amazing build up for the coup de gras

It seems like a great plan, but the second I heard Jason’s voice in the gun shop the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I always hated guys like that in school, and the actor portrayed him perfectly. I knew we’d have issues cause that guy just has a habit of showing up at some of the worst times.

Is it just me, or did hopper get hot? (Lol, most of the fans are swooning Mike or Steve, then there’s me going for hopper… does this mean I’m old now?) or maybe it’s the broken down man thing, (I totally liked Billy too) I’m always a sucker for that (ask my bf lol) but we finally get to see hopper and Joyce kiss, and that was worth it. I swear if either of them die before they’re able to properly be together I will snap.

I love how Argyle figures out how to make elevens salt bath. This guy helps save the world while making pizza at the same time!!! That must be what that phone number message said…. Don’t know what phone numbers I mean??? Here…

Yuri- 907-206-7700

Murray- 618-625-8313

Argyle – 805-457-4992

Nina Project- 202-968-6161

Yes they are all legit. Google it.

We even get redemption for Yuri, while most of us would’ve offed him a long time ago, him and Katinka will rise to the occasion when needed. I wondered how Enzo was going to persuade him to hurry up, goes to show you really do catch more flies with honey sometimes, honey and reverse psychology.

Once the phases begin being implemented, we see a truly, well thought out plan by the youngsters.

Seeing Erica run outside with the lantern and place it in the iron structure at the end of the street was smart. Then radioing to Dustin and Eddie to start phase 2…. Oh my god y’all… phase 3…

“Initiating Phase 3… this one’s for you Chrissy!” How effing epic was this scene!!!! I’m in a few groups on Facebook, and one user predicted it being this song from the preview and they absolutely nailed it. The guitar solo was so perfect. But those damn Demi-bats get smart and Eddie decides not to run away anymore, he decides he wants to be a hero… and all the Netflix fans waited with baited breath, praying Eddie could outrun the bats… he fought valiantly… and Dustin even tried to save him… but he was too late. We lost Eddie y’all. (Cue millions of fans worldwide bawling)

Watch his video here MOST METAL EVER!!!!

Master of Puppets – Eddie Munson (Metallica)

At a point there after we lose Eddie, we see Nancy, Steve, and Robin all get swept up in Vecna’s tentacles, we see Erica get pinned down by some jock douche ( at this point I was flipping out, if they harm a hair on Erica’s head there will be Hell to pay!!!)

And then that punk Jason comes after our boy Lucas right when Max needs him most. And we were all losing it in our homes. Our beloved Maxine Mayfield, the darling Sadie Sink herself, is pulled into the air by Vecna. (Also, does anyone know why vecna has one MASSIVE hand and the other is normal??? Just wondering) anyway, we’re all losing it as her arm snaps, her leg snaps, and she falls right on top of Lucas. And despite the entire world splitting around him, Lucas just stayed there holding her. Oh my heart.

And then finally… finally. We get to see a reunion we waited all season for… Hopper and El. And she sobbed “I left the door open 3 inches” and we all sobbed with her.

We see cars bailing from Hawkins as fast as they can, and how the remaining residents are going to recover from this tragedy. As little Holly celebrates the snow in spring, we all know the truth. The dust, the flayer has infiltrated the current time. The rip in the fabric is now allowing the upside down to leak through. Setting all Hell loose on Hawkins.

What will happen in the final season 5? Will they defeat Vecna/001/Henry Creel once and for all? For now, we wait. Do your magic Duffer Bros, we can’t wait to see what you produce!!!

Ps. Our group member Hugo Silva made this for me! If you want yours, send him:

“Send a photo of you (not smiling) for me to make a stranger things poster with you. It´s free. But if you pay something on paypal i´ll put you upfront !

PayPal :

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A sea of endless questions
floods my once crisp mind.
While I can see,
it’s as though I am blind.

When I peer into the glass
I do not know who I see,
The person staring is a ghost,
A shell of who I used to be.

I tell my body to work, come on,
You know how
I don’t understand why I can’t get up
Why I keep saying, “ow.”

My gait has changed
I shuffle here and there,
But I’ve already forgotten
I broke my hip…just over there.

So I try to get up,
Yet I’m writhing in pain.
Why do I feel this
Pain again?

Who are you?
Where am I?
I don’t know you
I don’t know why…

I’m left with all these questions
And nothing can set them straight
So I sit, trapped in my body
While I wait. And wait. And wait.

June 14 2022

Dementia #dementiaawareness

For Grandad

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Why Men Cheat

While watching “Luminaries” on Amazon Prime, I was stunned by a line Anna Wetherall says to Dick Mannerig when she taunts him with the following statement. (Background, she is now a prostitute and he is her pimp 1800’s ish):

“You think you know what men want? That’s not why they come…

They come because whatever ugliness they feel they want me to feel it worse. That’s what they pay for… every man, wants his whore to be unhappy… I’m exactly what they want…”

This statement hit me like a ton of bricks. Countless times I’ve been cheated on with women who were less appealing, “easy,” complete opposites of what I knew my partners were attracted to… but what did all of these encounters have in common?

All of these acts of infidelity were spawned by men holding so much darkness inside… perhaps cheating wasn’t always for the sexual thrill? But rather for the dominance, the hatred, the need to shed some darkness they hold with someone they feel nothing for. Often men use sex as an outlet for rage, why not when they can’t process their emotions?

Let’s be clear, I’m not condoning it by any means, it just never occurred to me that men could cheat or seek company with an “undesirable” for anything other than animalistic lust… it appears I was wrong…

And honestly this makes so much sense…

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Yellowjackets Theory


Many of you have started following our theory on Twitter/Facebook, so allow me to piece it all together without you having to go searching.

Backstory: our group of citizen detectives was created by Lori, none of us had ever met before, but after posting quite astute observations of the show on 2 Facebook groups, she selected myself, Juliann, and Becki, and together we formed our own little team, or book club if you will… yes… this book club is actually real. 🤣

Credit @Showtime Twitter

Ok… so we picked up the following clues along the way and they just add up too well. AND the writers confirmed one person (I tweeted on behalf of our group) predicted the whole show…. Ok guys… “buckle in”…

Episode 1:

We see the cast in the past. (Ooh I rhymed!) we see their sins and transgressions before they ever set foot in the “Forest.” We notice Tai is willing to hurt someone for personal gain, Shauna is no longer a virgin and also “covets thy neighbour” aka steals her best friend’s boyfriend. Misty is kinda unhinged.

Before we see the cast in present day, we hear the staff at the school discussing the team. AT NO POINT DO THEY SAY THEY SURVIVED.

HUGE CLUE: THE VERY FIRST TIME WE SEE SHAUNA SHE’S PLAYING A GAME LIKE “JEOPARDY” but it’s not Jeopardy? We know there’s no major issue depicting Jeopardy in shows as it’s happened repeatedly in other works of fiction, so why in this one are they answering questions with “I am” instead of “what/who is?”

The very first words out of Shauna’s mouth are “I AM PARADISE LOST.” And when someone gets it wrong, she jabs at them and says “aww Linda , you dumb bitch.” For getting it wrong. As if that’s the correct answer in front of us all along and we’re all about to derail into a bunch of other theories…


Paradise Lost is a compilation poem that spans 10 books written in the late 1600’s. It illustrates how the world was punished by Eve and ADAM’s sins and banished from the garden of EDEN… then Michael shows them a “vision” of what their future would be like as a result of their sin, with all the pain they cause in the world.


Adam- literally translating to “the first man” the writers said he is an “entity” and will come back to “haunt” them in future… they also said they were inspired by Lord of the Flies. Is he a demon? We see Beelzebub in that one, is he one of the boys?

LAURA-LEE: is constantly featured wearing white and paralleled to look saint like. When she “dies” in the show she is almost certainly a virgin and too “pure” to go where they are going. When Lottie first gets in the water she says “I thought it would be warmer” then when Laura Lee dies her plane magically bursts into flames over the lake… ever heard of Hell called a “Lake of Fire?” We sure have…

ADAM shows up at places without prompt all the time. You know what does that? A demon. He literally quotes the same author as Shauna without prompt, the one book is about being a double agent and the other is from Slaughterhouse Five, a book considered to be “unstuck in time” and apparently is shown different visions of his life in no particular order. (Juliann also believes if this doesn’t go Satan twisted then it’s gonna go UFO’s. As in slaughterhouse 5 there’s aliens and on the tv in Nats room the news is talking about increased UFO sittings in Washington. Which is possible as old societies may have mistaken aliens for gods…. But anyway back to the main track)

Credit: Lori

And if Adam is a demon/devil that would fit… the devil was the “angel that fell from the heavens” and was once gods most loyal angel… he can easily disguise himself and appear friendly or even loveable (Adam….) and while Adam dies so quickly and almost for nothing… I highly doubt we are done with him. The writers flat out said he is an “entity” that will continue to “haunt” them throughout the series.

ALSO! In his apartment we see a GIANT picture of the Devil, with the words “Swiss cheese” (ever heard the saying that “evil is like holes in Swiss cheese?”

We also see this image behind both Shauna and Adam, one while Shauna is trying to clean him up and one where Adam is defending himself… pretty sure what we’re watching here is an illusion, or why else would they have DOUBT behind them like that?

When Nat has her flashback, she sees her dads ghost on the plane saying “it’s been waiting for us.” So Nat was destined for Hell/spiritual inbetween? She uses an awful lot of substances which can be linked to abuse of the body therefore less pure, plus we know she’s not a virgin, and has engaged in “sins of the flesh” (again, not shaming, just follow along here.)

Tai is bat shit crazy. But she had darkness even before the plane went down. I believe over the next seasons we’ll get a bigger glimpse into the girls home lives and what made them tick.

She appears to suffer from a Dissociative Identity Disorder… if we’re being realistic about it. If we’re going spiritual, she can’t hide her darkness, the evil is consuming her. Her greed, drive for power, all of these are typical of people in power (rich ppl please don’t whack me for saying that, I’m just a poor ass college student 🤣) we constantly see Tai saying she doesn’t believe in this stuff… which is possibly why the narrative keeps showing her dark side, her “vision” of the future is constantly skewed from the darkness within…

Misty… definitely has some darkness to her. We see her watching a rat drown in episode 1, smashing the flight box, chopping coaches leg without a moment of hesitation. Juliann brought up a deadly point with her, remember when the girls call her to taunt her about doing anal with Robbie? She seems very eager to please others… what if a young misty ended up in a sexual situation she didn’t really want to be in because she wanted to be loved and accepted? (I’ll come back to why virginity possibly matters in a bit, but I don’t think misty is a virgin…)

We see the extra yellowjackets disappearing over the episodes… now either that’s sloppy writing (I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT, this show is fucking genius) or they went somewhere. I think they “passed on.” The girls were in a limbo of sorts, and as they display more light/darkness it chooses where they go. Almost as if the forest is a big sorting hat.

Laura Lee had to leave them, she didn’t belong there. But we also see a demonic vision of her in episode 10… so maybe her soul is trapped there with them after all…

We are shown the show from a multitude of perspectives, as if each main character is viewing their own reality of what would’ve happened if they went back home after they all died (yes, we’re saying they’re all dead… and here’s why)

Episode 9 we see literally everyone admit/commit sin. Giant orgy, Travis isn’t a virgin anymore, Jackie isn’t a virgin anymore. Shauna almost kills Travis, thinking he’s a stag. There’s a ton of symbolism about stags, usually that they’re a sign of enlightenment, Christ, or virility. Would make sense they want to slaughter that in him, or take his virility for themselves (hence giant orgy). Coach says he’s gay, misty poisons everyone, and Jackie loses her virginity… (THIS IS NOT SAYING BEING GAY GETS YOU SENT TO HELL OR THAT LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY DOES EITHER!!!! Even if you research other societies that aren’t Christian there is a purity of power in a virgin be they male or female. There is also a long history of gods smiting people for hyper sexuality. Yes, “vaginas have monologues now,” we know that, but if we are going with the heaven/hell parallel then this is what we’ve got. Hate it or love it). (Why virgins matter in societies other than Christianity

After we see a GIANT divide between Jackie and the team, so much that they “freeze her out” and… in one of the final scenes… we see Jackie frozen solid to the ground… anyone ever hear of the devil being encased in ice?

Van: as a person who has been attacked by a dog in the face, I promise you guys… she did not survive that attack. She literally tells Tai “she was somewhere inbetween.” And something was “out there.” We’re about to see some dark shit next season!!! Ahhh I can’t wait!!!

Tai and Shauna are in Callie’s room together and she says this

Not a single one of those things felt “real”

In episode 9 when Travis is tripping he keeps saying “no one’s here are we?.”

Right before we see Jackie dead, WE SEE SHAUNA HAVE A VISION OF EVERYONE THERE, INCLUDING DEAD CABIN GUY!!!! WE LOVE YOU JACKIE!!!! AHHH THIS IS SO HELL/AFTERLIFE! Jackie finally lost her virginity, came to terms with her evil (albeit passive aggressive behaviour) and so she passes over to where the rest of the sinners are… (and no? I’m not saying losing your virginity send you to Hell🤦🏻‍♀️ this is paralleling what old cultures would say. You’ve now opened the door for sins of the flesh.) (I’m no virgin so clearly I’m not condemning them.)

Where did Javi go??? Right now I’m guessing Heaven? Some other ethereal place? … or he’s seriously injured somewhere. The team isn’t exactly solid on that answer, but that’s my two cents on it. He was a virgin, sweet, definitely not part of their crew. (Or he totally was Adam and we won’t find out until later that he had some deadly amnesia and was found wandering somewhere and had the tattoo on his back without his knowledge… Dam that bugged us they didn’t go over the tattoo… but that’s cool, they’re smart writers so we’re probably gonna come full circle with that at some point.)

But also, demons and evil entities are typically “marked” so there’s that…

And finally, we end with this…


Lottie presenting a bear heart as an offering.. and saying

“Shed blood my beautiful friends, and let the DARKNESS SET US FREE.”

THEY ARE IN HELL!!!! (Or just outside the garden of eden in some strange Hedonistic world.)

Thank you! From all of us Citizen Detectives


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There is SOME kindness left… but we still have work to do.

Amid the covid pandemic things have definitely turned on their heads. Zoom has become one of the most utilized softwares, (and for that I’m quite grateful as I enjoy video meetings).

However… what the heck is happening to our seniors!!!

My grandfather is in an elderly care home in Manitoba. Before the pandemic struck he was thriving! Despite his dementia, the ability to speak and interact with so many residents facing similar or other ailments as he was, was a blessing to him. He’s always been a very social, conversational person. He’s also practically deaf so he requires some hefty hearing aids.

Little did I know, hearing aids cost $2000-$10,000 CAD and then some. Most insurance plans cover one pair every 5-10 years.

Since covid started, my grandad had been repeatedly on lockdown. He hasn’t been able to leave the facility at all for close to 2 years. He gets transport to appointments and even that is seldom. For a farmer who spent his life around animals and a large family, fields for days, I hope you can imagine how traumatizing and detrimental to his condition this is.

His nursing home was hit with covid and grandad had contracted it along with others in the home, so once again they were alone in seclusion for their protection. While being short staffed due to illness, it had appeared as though one of the carers washed my grandads pants with his hearing aids in the pocket. Needless to say, they were destroyed.

That week in November, 2021, my grandad lost the ability to hear again unless you scream at him. No one can visit through the window, he can’t hold conversations with other staff or residents… we couldn’t even call to say “Merry Christmas…“

The care home are saying it’s not their fault, (and they’re usually pretty good, so this isn’t a stab at them) and my grandparents, with minimal income, were unable to get a replacement pair through insurance or else wise…

In January, 2022, my grandmother asked me on the phone if I could find some second hand hearing aids for grandad. I had no idea you could use second hand ones! I figured, south of Calgary and area has a lot of seniors, there must be SOMEONE who has some kicking around they don’t need and wouldn’t mind passing on.

So I made a post on the okotoks, high river, and Calgary swap and buy and to my shock and surprise I was almost immediately inundated with responses of people wanting to help.

We were so incredibly fortunate to have two wonderful individuals come forward and offer to gift my grandad: a pair that a lady had finished using, and a pair from a lovely gentleman who unfortunately passed at the beginning of covid due to illness.

What struck me was the latter gift, that the woman and her mother had too felt the pain that their loved one was alone, and no one could be there with them. Their kindness was immense and both myself and the gentleman’s daughter cried at the exchange. This is an awful time we live in…

Which brings me back to zoom.

We have zoom meetings for work. Teams/zoom meetings for school. Zoom meetings for court and zoom visits for jail….


How hard would it be to have two tablets setup so they can at least SEE A FRIENDLY FACE AND TALK TO SOMEONE THEY KNOW!

If we can’t touch them, please, allow us to find ways to keep them engaged. They made this world… and my generation and the one before it are sadly destroying it!!! The elderly are screaming for your help! Dammit Help them!

Hey Zoom? Given how much you have profited from the pandemic, why not give something like this back to the seniors. They are suffering immeasurably. How hard would a couple tablets per home be? Or in the very least help this home. Please, someone out there come up with a schedule/role for someone to help them to communicate, they’re being treat worse than criminals and yet, have done nothing wrong except live to an age where they need OUR HELP to survive.

This is my grandad. Isn’t he the sweetest!? Please, someone, anyone, find a way to help the seniors communicate. On behalf of my grandad, he would be ever so grateful for it. He may not even remember me, but he’ll never forget your kindness.

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He’s just not that into you…. If he makes you erase parts of yourself.

You may have seen the movie, but who actually read the book “He’s just not THAT into you?”

The very core of the book teaches us that the right person will love us NO MATTER WHAT. No compromise, no sacrifice, just at face value.

The problem with this is, women often don’t understand men and vice versa. We speak completely different languages, and with all the nuances and expectations one is expected to uphold, do we ever really know the person we’re with? How many walls have you broken down with your partner? Can you honestly say you can be RAW with each other? And I don’t mean kinky sex, I mean tell each other the shit you would never, ever, ever tell anyone else. Trust them with your being 200%. I bet a bunch of you are shaking your head right now, because truthfully, had you asked me this 3yrs ago I probably would’ve burst into tears.

Women, and well some men, but mostly women, have this image in our head of what our life and true love will be. We obsess on it so much that we will chip away at parts of ourselves to fit a mould that was never meant for us. We stuff ourselves into these casings that trap us indefinitely, until we’re able to break free and remember who the Hell we were before we broke so many pieces off.

My entire romantic life, I’ve fought my partners about my writing. My first major boyfriend took a clipped folder I had of poems that I had written in times of my teens (when I was so inebriated my very breath could’ve been bottled and sold as a new drug,) and tossed them in a fire, then pinned me back as I tried to rip them from its flame. I squirmed in agony screaming, as every lick of flame consumed the pages that contained ounces of my soul. There’s no way I could ever recreate the frame of mind I was in when I wrote them, I’ve been sober from anything hard for decades. That perspective was one of a kind, not unlike Hunter S. Thompson’s work, the way it illuminated all the parts of me that were dark and disturbing… the fears I had confronted and attacked on paper…. They were destroyed….

Again in my 30’s I was urged by my partner to remove my blog… and I did. I let it die for 3yrs, completely losing my domain to some goddamn Chinese clickbait bullshit, furthermore they stole my .com and now I’m being cursed with a .ca address… anyone who knows SEO knows how much of a kick to the teeth that is. While Canadians know what .ca stands for, go and ask the rest of the world what it means!?? EVERYONE KNOWS .com!!!! (Clearly I’m still not over this… I digress…)

Ladies, gents, all those in-between and on their way, if anyone you “love” is ever threatened by your art, or something you’re passionate about, they’re just not that into you.

Read that again.

If anyone you “love” is ever threatened by your art, or something you’re passionate about, they’re just not that into you.

Art is an expression of the soul. If a partner cannot handle your inner wild, the goddess who sings through words or painting, then they are not for you. Carry on being that wild thing until you find “someone just as wild to run along side you.”( Carrie BradShaw, before Sex and the City became a political platform for the current agenda…. That’s another talk for another day… RIP SATC)

Never, ever, tame your wildness, your passion, your art. If it gives you life, breathe air into that fire every single chance you get.

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Time to drop the F@ck!ng Facade

The pressure to look good has never been more intense on people of all ages these days, and as a former model, I’m calling out the bullshit.

Thanks to: filters, fillers, lighting, makeup, body garments, photoshop/ping apps, plastic surgery etc we are constantly being lied to and told what we should look like, when in actual fact no one really looks like that without some serious cash or digital effects. The stress to maintain these personas expected by society can be so exhausting… which is why more than often I look like a goddamn mountain troll these days instead of being all dolled up.

Now instead of roasting some celebrity without makeup, I’ll take the floor and roast myself, because hell, these were taken 7 yrs ago and trust me, you don’t want to see me without makeup now!

So unless you’re completely blind you’ll notice some major differences between each set of pictures. In this case the only differing factor is makeup.

So what’s wrong with this? Why do I cringe at the idea of even posting this? What happened to us that we are so very repulsed by our reflection in the mirror instead of how we look when filtered? Why has society programmed us so hard to believe that we are always less, to keep us wanting more.

Consumerism has us by the balls. Fake is the new flirty.

I wish had some advice on how to curb this movement, but I don’t. All the industries that push these narratives are multi billion dollar brands… unless the sheep wake up we’ll all just trot prettily over the edge while try to maintain the f@cking facade.

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The Fifth Retail Announcement

17th Ave SW Calgary is in for a delectable revelation! Arlington Street Investments are announcing their retail lineup for their newest project, The Fifth, located on the coveted corner of 17th avenue and 5th Street SW.

The mixed-use development boasts 52 luxury apartments at already 50% pre leased, and a rooftop patio overlooking the beauty of Calgary’s picturesque skylines from all angles. Not only will tenants be situated central to the downtown core, but they will also have the privilege of travelling down a glass elevator, and walking out their door to their favorite retailers on the main floor.

Selecting the retail offerings was no simple feat, as CEO Frank Lonardelli had a clear vision of the development’s inception back in 2017 when he first acquired the site. The retailers would have to be unique, providing products and services deserving of their own upper echelon. The layout and designs compliment each tenant to their requirements, and they are proud to say they will have the largest outdoor patio space on 17th avenue SW to date.

Construction began in late fall of 2019, unbeknownst to what would conflict Arlington, and every business for that matter, in spring of 2020. When asked how the company overcame the obstacles ahead of them, Lonardelli stated: “It was 8 months into Covid… arguably close to the most negative point of the pandemic and we had halted construction of our 5th project. As we sat on a Saturday looking out the window of our building, directly across the street at our 5th site, our team in unity said:” We have to move forward on this project.” Not withstanding the team’s conviction, our leasing professionals suggested this would be the worst time to launch a project; but they were committed to working and accomplishing our pre-stated goal and our company vision.” That commitment has secured a 100% leased, retail floor, ready to serve patrons upon residential leasing commencing this coming fall.

Without further ado, please welcome these amazing retailers to The 5th:

Bro’s To Go

Bro’s To Go is a concept that was developed back in 2018 where the owners of The Bro’kin Yolk felt that there was a gap between high quality and fast service. They wanted to create an environment where consistent, friendly service is paired with an amazing breakfast sandwich on the go!

Their top feature is their unique and tasty breakfast sandwich along with the usual customer service you would typically receive when you dine at The Bro’kin Yolk!

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @brostogo

Facebook: @brostogo

Nue Cocktail Bar

Craft Cocktails, great food and music that makes you want to move, combined with an elegant setting, yet designed to be friendly is what makes Nue Cocktail Bar a place for nonconformists. Focusing on unique and daring creations for the beginner and seasoned cocktail enthusiast, every time you, your date and your group of friends walk through the doors, you’ll know you’ve stepped into something Nue.

Social Media Links:

Instagram: @nueyyc


Cinnaholic serve custom, gourmet cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies and more. (Have you seen their instagram? Save your cheat day for this place it looks tasty!)

They are renowned for being 100% Vegan, and all products are free of dairy, eggs, lactose and cholesterol.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @cinnaholic.calgary

Instagram: @cinnaholic.calgary

The Mash

The Mash offer Craft Beer and Craft Pizza. They are one of a kind in that they cater to dine-in as well as take-out and delivery. They stress that those who dine-in are there to enjoy themselves for as long as they like (Think, the Starbucks of beer and pizza). It is about building the culture in-house and making sure those who come in, feel like hanging out for a while. And those who need to grab and go, can do so swiftly.

They are vertically integrated and sell mainly Half Hitch products. With that, the pizza is also made with their brewers’ spent grain, which adds flavour, texture, and most importantly added nutrients to the pizza crust. Both beer and pizza are quite profitable in of themselves. Given the model from a location and dine-in perspective is about building a culture, they emphasize customer service and dine-in experience as having the utmost importance. Going above and beyond for their customers is what will set anyone above others. This is where they look to pride themselves.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @HalfHitchBrewing


Instagram: @HalfHitchBrewing


Burnin Bird

Burnin Bird will be serving Nashville Hot Chicken.  The chicken will be prepared as hot as you can handle from Naked to Burnin.  You decide.  

Their top feature is simply put… The best Nashville Hot Chicken in Calgary.

Social Media Links:


Amato Gelato

Amato Gelato has been a family business for over 90 years. You may be familiar with their Kensington location, but this one has a twist. They will be serving an Italian Dessert Bar with alcohol, cocktails, and Italian Espresso; paired with authentic Italian pastries, pizza and paninis. Not to mention stellar Gelato, throughout all main hours of the day.

Dino, the owner comes from a proud lineage of gelato makers. The naming of the business comes from two sources: Amato in Italian translates to “I love,” and is additionally the name of the town his family hails from.

Social Media Links:

Facebook: @AmatoGelatoAlberta

With all these amazing retailers and already 50% of the apartments pre leased, I would urge those looking to locate to the hub of Calgary to contact Kelsey, Leasing Manager @ 403.560.3932 to secure your home today!

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: NTA Presents: The 2019 MS Winter Gala

” Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with an estimated 77,000 Canadians living with the disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults aged 20 to 49, younger children and older adults are also diagnosed with the disease.”

Disease does not discriminate. It doesn’t care what colour you are, who you voted for, or who you date. If it’s coming for you it’s coming for you, and so far for many there is no cure. That is why supporting research for medical innovation is so crucial.

This year we at NTA had the honour of donating our time to throw a fashion show for the MS Society of Calgary.

On January 31, 2019, some of Alberta’s top models and beauty queens came to strut their stuff at CIBO downtown Calgary in support of this amazing cause. Donning outfits from up and coming designers from and connected to Olds College. The designers included:

Sasmitha Delawa: Fireflies for Lanterns

Sherri Reeves Samantha Brunner: Electric Vibe

Cristal Cherry-LeBel: Designs by Miss Cherry

Kaare-Ann Madden and Janet Chung- Lunairy Designs

Katharine Funk- Aecor Lifestyle

Jason Way- Parlour Apparel and Design

Suzzy Anibueze- A2MeFashion

Nadine Arthur- Out of the Bloom

Bret Stankowski, Stewart Schamp- Nine5Nine7

Danielle Carolina

The show was completely SOLD OUT, and was a success and hit for the MS society and all those who attended. We were honoured to have Global TV as an exclusive media partner, as well as other publications notably our friends at Standout Publications! Always great to see you Douglass Cressman!

Some of my favourite photographers graced us with their presence and skills. My personal friends and renowned photographers Zev Abosh and Doug Wong, and up and coming photographers Victor panillilio, Myron Macapagal, Maya Klimecki, Kenneth Fung, Vian Esterhuizen, Jessica Clemens.

Everyone had an amazing time! But the NTA people barely slept, woke up, and got right onto our next big project… huge in fact…


Are you passionate about ocean conservation and the plastic problem? Click Here for more information on how you can be a part of the movement that’s shaking the world.

Models who walked for the MS Winter Gala are:

Alexandria Austin

Ashley Jette- Mrs Calgary

Talayna Ekelund

Mildred Rincon

Angie Boyle

Ayden Kosko

Paula Richelle

Xyrelle S. Agustin

Katy N Peter Wren

Jolane Brooke Westerson

Lindsey Reynolds

Hayden Marie

Cassandra Guerin

Natalia Hennady

Carolynne Scoffield

Sheena Eilleen

Rachel W

Shae-Lyn Woodroffe

Jade Simone

Bridgette Sauvé

Pauline Yee

Anna Kondretskaya

Millie Jayne

Taylor McCarroll Miss Teen Calgary

Ciara Stewart Miss Calgary

Ringo R. Ranoco

Ty Javos

Mark Oliver Kokiong

Victor Tse

Perneet Singh

Victor Brown

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Way back Wednesday: Frocks in Fall 

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, the whole process can be extremely overwhelming.

I was first introduced to Frocks Modern Brides and Bridesmaids Boutique when I modelled for Calgary Bridal Guide this past Spring. The boutique is absolutely darling, with two lovely, large change rooms and bridesmaids gowns adorning the corners of the classy establishment. If you’d like to book a fitting or viewing, please call ahead (+1 (403) 263-5580) and schedule yourself in as they are open by appointment in order to give you, the bride, their full attention.

When I messaged Sora, the owner, I asked if she had something that would work for a fall outdoor shoot.

Within minutes she responded with the dress I’m seen wearing in these photos. It’s by Claire Pettibone from her Romantique Collection. This style is called Casablanca and retails for $1930.00. It features a fitted, short dress with plunging V neckline, adorned in lace, with long, elegant, silk-chiffon panels to add an element of allure and grace.

 I went to the boutique, met with the store associate Amanda, tried the gown on, naturally, it was a perfect fit. The stylists there know how to dress you properly for your figure and preference, I was so amazed at how simple it all was! They take all the guess work out for you and  make your dreams come to life.

The dress we used for this shoot I feel would be a PERFECT destination wedding dress. It’s still so elegant and everyone who saw me knew immediately I was a bride. So classy, and so fun to play with! 

Sora Riffic (owner) has an education in fashion and textiles. After organizing her own wedding she was inspired to carry on in the wedding industry. She started as a manager and within a year bought Frocks! She and her team weathered the storm and reopened after the 2013 flood, proving their resilience and fortitude, and are definitely making their mark on the Calgary wedding scene. Since creating this gem she has never looked back,  and why would she!? I just adore the boutique!

I find their gowns to be incredibly unique, not something you’d expect to find at a big box bridal store. To make your day truly special, I suggest contacting them to schedule a fitting today!

The afternoon of the shoot I went to my stylists house in south Calgary, and she did an amazing job on the hair and makeup. I would be nothing without you Tara Smith

I showed up at Victoria Park, situated along the picturesque Elbow River along Elbow Dr. SW, ready to shoot with the skilled Mark Ng, (Award winning engineer by day, mad glamour photographer by night!) Who is a self professed lover of light play and who’s work shows nothing less than beautifully lit photos.

We got some lovely shots, but alas I couldn’t stay too long as I had prior engagement that I needed to attend to.

When I had finished the shoot I realized to my horror, my stilettos had left some dirt and grass stains on the silk chiffon drapes of the dress . Sora recommended I go to Ingenuity Couture and speak with Anjelika, owner and seamstress.

Her staff were so friendly and accommodating, and had the dress cleaned within 24hrs!!! And for a reasonable price. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, consideration, and accuracy. Thank you Maria for helping me find the location and again thank you Anjelika for being so helpful. Anjelika does alterations as well and is quite skilled, should you need anything cleaned or adjusted I suggest you contact Ingenuity Couture.

I have always wanted a set of fall photos… And well… Here they are!!! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did taking them!


– Tara, Sora, Mark, Maria, Anjelika, and Amanda.

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