What is wrong with the world today?

Everyday I constantly hear people ask the same question, what’s wrong with the world today? Well, honestly… most of you asking the question to be honest! Somehow you’ve managed  (and I’m generalizing here I understand there are exceptions to this rule)  to breed a society of 0-30years in age that are no more competent than infants. These people cannot cook for themselves, cannot sew, cannot innovate, cannot adapt, and rely 100% upon parental support and guidance, and why?

The generation before you was probably a little harsh so you figured you’d give your children some more liberty right? Be the nice guy? WRONG! You’re creating monsters! Be stern with your children and get your point across, you’re their parent first and their friend second. You wonder why your little boy was the one torturing birds out behind school in grade 1, and you brush it off and say its just boys being boys… but lady, that’s the early development signs of a sociopath! You’ve either been too nice or too much of an asshole and have thus created this society.

OR you are one of the select few who has children who may have experimented here or there but nonetheless know right from wrong and conduct themselves accordingly, upholding honor and unparalleled judgement. Too many young girls get WASTED and put themselves in frightening positions and I’m not exactly sure why, I only ever did once and it scared the hell out of me so why these girls continue to get black out wasted and act like complete loons I have no idea. and yet, they think there’s nothing wrong and carry on! Those who do look back and say “omg what have i done?” probably had some basis of a foundation before they went out and got a little wild… good for you, you have a chance of getting your good girl back. For those of you who’s daughters are in denial and continue to party, make out with random people (even if in a relationship!),   will have to face the fact one day when her party’s over, there’s mascara down her face, and no one wants her anymore. I’m not saying dont have fun be flirty and be stupid by all means every dog has its day! but its day! not its weekend, week, month, year, decade, JUST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

and guys…. what the fuck? who told you this world is jersey shore or whatever other stupid fuckin mtv or reality show you watch where you get all the women you want?  you know what else you get with all the women you want? herpes! syphilis! gonorrhea! to name a few! and how many of u don’t get checked cause you’ve had no physical symptoms????? That’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard! do u know chlamydia shows little to no symptoms in men generally! You dirty bastards go get checked!

Same note to men, learn  how to cook, it not only wins you a quality woman, but it shows you have charisma besides a slightly enlarged penis.

Thanks for coming out folks!


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