Fashion Casting

Today I went on a “go see” for Joseph Ribkoff.

Like any good model I styled my hair, wore minimal makeup and (and this part is important) wore heels.

I proceeded up the stairs into a room where a reading for a show was going on. Myself, and another girl were there. The other girl was 5’11, and her skin was dark like ebony. She was very beautiful, very high fashion.

The next girl came in, she was 5’7, and her skin was more of a milk chocolate tone. She had more of a commercial look but nonetheless still beautiful.

We were measured head to toe, literally, including neck,wrist, and head measurements. As we waited on the side one of the performers asked “are they models?” and the rest of the performers burst out laughing. A younger man laughed and said “well that’s the dumbest question ever asked!”

I was so flattered that it’s so obvious I’m a model. That may be hard for some of you to understand, but I’ve always underestimated myself until recently.

When the lady in charge of casting came upstairs she came straight to me and shook my hand. I told her how tall I was and stood up without prompt so she could see what I looked like. She smiled, and went to the next girl. She had to ask the girl to stand, and the same with the other.

When she asked us to walk, I’m pretty sure I nailed it, it’s one thing I’ve always been natural at. I walked first, then the amazon beauty, followed by the smaller chocolate girl. I had to lend the chocolate girl my heels ’cause she wore flats, the lady in charge of casting looked disappointed. When I walked the lady smiled pleasantly, she smiled less when the amazonian walked down, and when the smaller girl jilted down the path like a cowboy with a broom up his rear her face hid no expression of how horrified she was. She asked me to walk for her again so I took my shoes back and did as she asked, she looked very pleased and just kept nodding her head.

She asked us how old we were.

The other girls were 19… I swallowed hard before I smiled and said I was 28 (expecting her to say “ok too old”)

Instead she said” that’s great, you’re the perfect age for our brand”

She told us she had everything she needed and would contact us soon.



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