Making Music Videos

Today I was cast last minute to shoot a video for a local up and coming band, double A’s. ( )

I jumped in the shower, had my boyfriend spray me with spray tan (it’s a pool scene and I look whiter than Powder) do my makeup super fast and jump into my car, forgetting my heels, hair brush… Well pretty much everything.

I arrived what I thought was 10mins late (anyone who’s worked with me before knows that’s the norm for me; however, I never seem to panic any less knowing I will still be 10mins late.) Upon arrival I was informed that due to a miscommunication we would in fact be waiting until 8to start shooting. Before anyone could look disappointed they told us “but of course you’ll be paid to wait.” Excellent (drums fingers together like mr. Burns) time is money, so myself and the other models took time to get acquainted.

Instantly I bonded with the tall brunette and tall blonde. They were both so much fun. The blonde, a new mother of a 2month old and recently single 20yr old was quite the little smoke show! Then there was basically mini me, I wouldn’t have assumed such a thing until she said she was 17, 11yrs my junior, then all I could think was “Jesus! It’s like looking back in a mirror!” But of course I think she’s prettier than I am, because that’s what girls do, we put each other above ourselves.

The girls and I went for a spin in Maria’s (blonde) new Mercedes, Becca (brunette) called shotgun, so I gracefully road back seat til we got to McDonald’s. I told you models eat McDonald’s. I went in in a bikini top and jean shorts and ordered a small fry, cheeseburger, and large coffee, the girls got ice frappes and fries too.

We went back and instantly had to get changed for shooting. The bathrooms at the outdoor pool stunk to high hell so the girls and I were very careful to get in and out and make sure our feet didn’t touch anything.

We shot at an outdoor pool north side of Calgary, it was actually pretty cool! Their music was blasting in the back, us girls all dolled up dancing away, and at least 30 black guys holding a 40 of some classy liquor in hand! They were all so polite and awesome to work with. They kept jumping in the pool but none of us girls went in. Two other models did, but not us three. We had fake tans and the girls had clip ins to worry about!

At the end of the shoot we were sweaty, tired, but had so much fun. Tomorrow we go back and do part two! Here’s a snap of the girls and I DJing


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  1. Initiator ;-) says:

    waaaaaooooo Great pic…your role…!!!


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