If I Could Change the World

Someone asked me today “if you had the power to change the world what would you say?”

I responded thusly:

I would tell everyone not to be afraid. The only thing to fear is fear itself and that fear can cripple you.
Teach yourselves the arts and crafts that we are leaving to the machines, that regurgitate technology, television, and pre packaged-overproduced-chemical induced foods.
Most people nowadays dont even know how to fight, one on one. How on earth are we to defend ourselves? If we were stripped from everything we know now and placed in a forrest how many of us would survive?
If we continue dismissing the knowledge of our skills, when the day comes for us to fight as one without technology it will be the death of many. We must skill and enrich ourselves now. Thirst for knowledge, read! Take an art class, a cooking class, an iron forging class. You’re going to need it one day. Remember who we were as people before we became so damned dependant on technology. Be creative, be innovative, be YOU.


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6 Responses to If I Could Change the World

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  2. And quit watching reality TV – go make your own reality!


  3. Initiator ;-) says:

    Great Said..!
    Be creative, be innovative, be YOU…!
    always like to read your different thoughts…!


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