The Iceberg

Stop falling in love with the first person you think you have a ton of things in common with. There are millions of people on this earth, chances are you have lots of things in common with quite a few. What you don’t realize is this is just the surface of the person you are meeting. Like an iceberg, the depth of their person lies beneath the icy cold waters not u like those that encase their hearts.
When you approach someone like this, you think you can skim by untouched. That your presence will remain unnoticed in the grand scheme of romance. Alas, as you scrape past the base of the iceberg tears apart your ships starboard side, and like HMS Titanic, the once thought unsinkable ship, you and your sadness plummet to an all new low. If you manage to grab onto some scraps and float to safety, good for you. But don’t miser in the pits of the cold North Atlantic too long, the sadness will consume you.


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  1. Reblogged this on CarolynneScoffield and commented:

    Amazing how true my words ring months after the fact… theres a reason this ship is in doc… no sailing for me anytime soon


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