5 Great Date Ideas

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In the world of 2021, so many people are dating. The same old “let’s go to the bar,” or “watch Netflix and chill” is getting really overplayed. So here’s some classy and fun ways to impress your next date, and who knows, maybe they’ll be the one.

1. Comedy club

There is nothing more interesting than seeing what makes your love interest laugh. You get to a know a side of them they may not show all the time, and the most pure you’ll ever see someone look is when they genuinely laugh. Here in Calgary I suggest The Laugh Shop, second to that would be YukYuks. Laugh shop you get your own table and can have some private time before the show starts. YukYuks has some private booths but you may be on a long table with other couples, so if you want more intimacy between the two of you I would take the former suggestion.

2. Fancy dinner and a walk

Any restaurant that has a tv commercial is not the restaurant you are permitted to choose in this category. Think 4-5 star, obscure menu, (there better not be chicken fingers on there), usually formal or semi formal attire. If all else fails you can laugh together about the strange dish one of you ordered or have a giggle at either one trying to pronounce some French delicacy. Afterward, drive to downtown or your local river valley and go for a walk. Walk in a public place though, no girl likes to be lead into a dark forest after a first date. Go feed the ducks together, or just sit on a rock for a minute and talk.

3. Picnic storm

If you catch wind that a storm is coming, (gotta be a fair distance away though) setup a picnic together on a hill where you can see the approaching storm. It’s incredibly beautiful to watch lightning and rain from afar. Plus with the quick drop in temperature you may even get to wear your partners coat or get to get close to them.

4. Paintball

For this one I suggest going on a random weekday so that you can have a course to yourselves. Suit up, and test your combat skills (or lack thereof) against each other in a primal setting. You soon learn how compassionate someone is when they can easily shoot you in the privates but chooses not to. Or you can watch them suffer in a playful way, up to you, but girls, don’t shoot men in the privates or the date might not go so well.

5. Tubing (in summer) skating (in winter)

Summer; put on your cutest bikini, bring water and a snack (in a ziploc bag) apply lots of sunscreen, grab a couple DECENT PRICED tubes and hit up your local river. The reason I say spend a bit more on tubes (the same as you might on good pants) is that you don’t want to be the person half way down the river who’s tube pops. So splurge a bit so you have one that will last a few trips.

Winter: skating. Grab your skates (again, don’t use rentals, go buy a pair instead) take a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate (add a shot of baileys for even more fun) bundle up, and go to your local outdoor rink. There’s something magical about skating around with someone you love as the snow falls gently outside. Afterward you can cuddle up in your car together and warm up before you take your partner home.

Notice one thing about all these dates? Not one suggested sleeping together. Get to know the person you plan on dating, 2016 has little to no romance left and it saddens me. When you know a person inside out, their desires, their fears, what they enjoy, then you can truly love a person. And when you start out by dating you’ll always have a great “how we met” story, rather than the same old “we met at a bar.”

There’s a bit of romance in all of us, sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

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Photo by Andras Schram

Hair and Makeup Tara Smith

Clothes by Freddy

Shoes by Ivanka Trump

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