Way back Wednesday: Frocks in Fall 

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, the whole process can be extremely overwhelming.

I was first introduced to Frocks Modern Brides and Bridesmaids Boutique when I modelled for Calgary Bridal Guide this past Spring. The boutique is absolutely darling, with two lovely, large change rooms and bridesmaids gowns adorning the corners of the classy establishment. If you’d like to book a fitting or viewing, please call ahead (+1 (403) 263-5580) and schedule yourself in as they are open by appointment in order to give you, the bride, their full attention.

When I messaged Sora, the owner, I asked if she had something that would work for a fall outdoor shoot.

Within minutes she responded with the dress I’m seen wearing in these photos. It’s by Claire Pettibone from her Romantique Collection. This style is called Casablanca and retails for $1930.00. It features a fitted, short dress with plunging V neckline, adorned in lace, with long, elegant, silk-chiffon panels to add an element of allure and grace.

 I went to the boutique, met with the store associate Amanda, tried the gown on, naturally, it was a perfect fit. The stylists there know how to dress you properly for your figure and preference, I was so amazed at how simple it all was! They take all the guess work out for you and  make your dreams come to life.

The dress we used for this shoot I feel would be a PERFECT destination wedding dress. It’s still so elegant and everyone who saw me knew immediately I was a bride. So classy, and so fun to play with! 

Sora Riffic (owner) has an education in fashion and textiles. After organizing her own wedding she was inspired to carry on in the wedding industry. She started as a manager and within a year bought Frocks! She and her team weathered the storm and reopened after the 2013 flood, proving their resilience and fortitude, and are definitely making their mark on the Calgary wedding scene. Since creating this gem she has never looked back,  and why would she!? I just adore the boutique!

I find their gowns to be incredibly unique, not something you’d expect to find at a big box bridal store. To make your day truly special, I suggest contacting them to schedule a fitting today!

The afternoon of the shoot I went to my stylists house in south Calgary, and she did an amazing job on the hair and makeup. I would be nothing without you Tara Smith

I showed up at Victoria Park, situated along the picturesque Elbow River along Elbow Dr. SW, ready to shoot with the skilled Mark Ng, (Award winning engineer by day, mad glamour photographer by night!) Who is a self professed lover of light play and who’s work shows nothing less than beautifully lit photos.

We got some lovely shots, but alas I couldn’t stay too long as I had prior engagement that I needed to attend to.

When I had finished the shoot I realized to my horror, my stilettos had left some dirt and grass stains on the silk chiffon drapes of the dress . Sora recommended I go to Ingenuity Couture and speak with Anjelika, owner and seamstress.

Her staff were so friendly and accommodating, and had the dress cleaned within 24hrs!!! And for a reasonable price. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, consideration, and accuracy. Thank you Maria for helping me find the location and again thank you Anjelika for being so helpful. Anjelika does alterations as well and is quite skilled, should you need anything cleaned or adjusted I suggest you contact Ingenuity Couture.

I have always wanted a set of fall photos… And well… Here they are!!! I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we did taking them!


– Tara, Sora, Mark, Maria, Anjelika, and Amanda.

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  2. inferno335 says:

    To borrow a quote from an old 90s cartoon (props, btw, if you can guess the cartoon) – jalapena! 🙂

    Looks like you had a hell of a time, Lady C – great photos, and well done. 😉

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