Runaway Train

Have you ever felt like your entire life is out of control? Like you’re struggling against every action and no matter how hard you try,every effort you make is futile. It’s as if you’re on a train with no brakes going down a steep mountain. And worse, you know the tracks run out ahead… what do you do? Well, in the past, after must running around in circles, screaming frantically, hitting and clawing at everything in site, I realize I am helpless to stop the train, and the only way I know I can regain control of the situation is by BLOWING EVERYTHING in the situation to pieces, including myself. What remains is a disaster, and typically takes months to recover from.

So…. what have i learnt from so many tracks in flames and paths destroyed?



Sometimes the Universe throws you a bone and you’ll happen upon opportunity by chance, this is not the norm…

Get your train safely to the next station, and at that point if you wish to switch tracks you can, while retaining complete control.Image

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3 Responses to Runaway Train

  1. carolynnescoffield says:

    Ps. The photo (in fact all photos on my blog) are of me 🙂 yes I was walking toward and oncoming train


  2. asilentspeaker says:

    nice…. love the photo as well 🙂


    • Thanks so much!!! I was walking on the tracks the photographer was timing me and when he yelled JUMP I bailed off the tracks:) the conductor seemed to know what we were doing so he slowed down and when he passed us waved and honked the horn 🙂


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