Not so common courtesy

Is it just me or have “manners” been tossed in the trash with no concept of recourse for the action. Do people not see the “pebble/ripple effect” from this action? In turn we have created a society who let doors slam in people faces, leave poor old women carrying their groceries alone, or hang up the phone without even a hint of “goodbye, take care.” Why is it the last two words it seems most children learn these days are “Please” and “Thank you”? Am I so old fashioned that my expectations of others are so jaded that  their lack of knowledge to common courtesy is still astounding? Is it not COOL anymore to be polite? Do people see it as a form of weakness? Or rather are they intimated by the apparent sweetness of the aforementioned courteous people and assume they are only sugar coating their malicious intent?

I don’t know if I’ll ever know the answer, but I do know, that when i had to switch lanes last minute today, accidentally cutting off some older gentleman in a BMW, I saw my old customs at play.

The modern 20-30yr old person would’ve given this man the finger. Screamed some obscenity, and proceeded to rev his engine to prove his masculinity and superior male standing.

I, noticing I was in the wrong and this gentleman reacted quickly enough to let me into the lane, waited until I knew he could see my rear view mirror and waved frantically saying “THANK-YOU!” to the man.

In this world… normally he would’ve mumbled under his breath and said “dumb bitch” and probably would’ve ridden my ass the whole way home.

But he didnt.

He was from my world.

He waved back, smiled, and nodded

Instantly I remembered being 4 yrs old sitting up front in our old Chrysler New Yorker, my dad driving the car. My dad did everything perfect. So I knew I had to watch closely if I wanted to be like him. He passed a man on the road, and as he passed he said “Now Cazza, this isnt how you’re supposed to drive, but sometimes we’re in a hurry. When someone lets you in, you give them a wave and say “thank you,” and in turn, if you notice someone signalling trying to get in your lane, you let them in by slowing down, waving them in with your hand, and if they still don’t realize give them a couple “pips” with the horn, they’ll be thankful.” And they all were. Dad could cut off anyone and wave “thanks” and they would smile! and wave back! 

So I waved back, and all I could think was “look daddy! I did it.”DSC_4315_pp

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