Go Go Girls

So I had an audition tonight to be a Go Go dancer.

I wore a leopard and black bra,a pair of black booty shorts, and knee high brown boots.

When I arrived at the casino I was led to the back room where the girls were changing.

… Picture a change room filled with beautiful girls in minuscule clothing, heavy eyeliner and covered in glitter. Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the go go girls.

At first I thought, “oh great, they’re all friends, now I definitely won’t fit in.”

Shortly after my negative epiphany, a beautiful young girl chirped up and said to me “Wow! You’re so pretty you look like a mannequin” I was so flattered as I thought she was stunning.  She said, “you need more glitter!” and told me to put it on with lotion ’cause that makes it stick better. So like the other beautiful, more seasoned go go girls, i slathered on the glitter. One girl then offered me a belt and said it would look killer, which it kinda did.


They auditioned us in 2’s, and we were numbered 1-20. I think more girls were coming but at the time there was only 20 of us.

We would wait in the room for a loud “knock, knock” on the door which was our cue to go on stage. It was myself vs. a shorter but very stunning young lady

When we hit the stage there was 8 judges and the event organizer watching. The DJ played “Boots and Boys” by Ke$ha and I gave it everything I had. We had to dance 30secs facing forward, 30secs facing backward, and then freestyle for the remainder of the song.

I made quite a few of the judges smile even a couple women 🙂

My rival did not like the song choice and made that very clear backstage,

Like any good professional all i said was “well if this was a concert the DJ might play a shitty song and we’d just have to dance and smile”

After my audition I got dressed and called my man to fill him in.



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10 Responses to Go Go Girls

  1. Skye says:

    Aweh yay! I hope you get it! 🙂 And that’s awesome, some girls can be so full of themselves and mean, great that they were nice n helpful!


  2. Brent says:

    slather… yea. lol I’m sure you’ll be chosen! good luck!


  3. richardhaas8 says:

    It is pre-destined that you will be chosen……….how could anyone who finds such pleasure in pleasing men not be chosen?


  4. Charles Huss says:

    I wish you luck.


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