Fitting for Joseph Ribkoff

So yesterday I had my fitting for Joseph Ribkoff.

I woke up early, put my hair in a chignon, and wore minimal makeup. As always, I wore heels and brought a spare pair just in case.

I arrived what I thought was 15mins late only to realize I was in fact 45mins early.

Well… that’s a first for me!

When the lady of the boutique opened the doors, myself, a lovely asian model 5’7, and a latina model 5’3, all entered. It was beautiful! I loved the style. I found myself thinking, “now look ladies of 30+, you can’t tell me there’s no where stylish but shaped for your age… I found somewhere!”

When the store manager and style consultant arrived they lit up to see me on there on time (phew!) and asked me where the other 6 models were, I replied “I’m not sure, but I’m here!” and smiled.

The lady handed me a bunch of items to try on, all their standard sample size which ranges from a 4-8. I walked out of the dressing room with a pair of blue jeggings and a blouse on and they were in awe. The stylist said “see, we know we don’t have to worry about size at all with Carolynne it all fits her to a T, she’s like a clothes hanger.” And with that comment I was elated.

There’s no better feeling than being told that you’re perfect for the job.

I continued to try on other outfits and low and behold there was one i couldn’t wear, it had horizontal stripes and because my bust was too big the lines didnt sit properly.

Ah, there we go, It wouldn’t be me if it was just flawless 😉 There had to be one thing that didnt work. So with that I was relaxed, it seems with every opportunity I hit at least one wall, as I mature I’m learning that life doesn’t end when you hit the wall, however, you restart a new path when you learn how to climb it.

I left my fitting with my head in the clouds so much that I went the wrong way on anderson rd. and ended up in fish creek with no gas! Way to go airhead! hahahaha.

Note to self: No matter how great you feel, don’t forget what direction you’re going, for you may end up somewhere you didn’t expect! (both literally and figuratively)  Image

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2 Responses to Fitting for Joseph Ribkoff

  1. Seems to fit just fine! What did you think?


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