My Best Girl

We met by chance in college. We had to turn to each other and tell a scar story. It was a month since my attack and i told her about the rottweiler incident.

even though she owned a rottweiler, she was so empathetic to my situation.

She proceeded to tell me her scars were from her abusive ex, and instantly i knew we would be great friends.

Through college, we were inseparable. even in out spare time we went out together, did brunch, you name it.

But theres something special you have to understand in order to realize what makes her so great.

She will drop everything if you need something, even just someone to talk to. And the best part, she always know just what to say. I can call her bawling and end the call in fits of laughter.

Our paths were destined to cross. we did the same things as teenagers, went to rival high schools, had the same interests, but for some reason god waited until we were both so broken that we just knew we needed each other.

i have been near contemplating suicide, and she brings me back. She supports ALL of her friends, but the poor thing ends up sick a stressed cause she forgets to look after herself.

not only is she beautiful on the inside, shes stunning on the outside. Long, ravenous,  dark hair, big brown eyes, a beautiful little figure, and a contagious smile. Any man would be blessed to have her.

I know even if we havent spoke in weeks im always in her heart and shes never left mine. catherine, if i didnt have you, i wouldnt be the person i am today. i love you more than the sister i never had, this world would be a better place is half the people were like you. I Love you Cat!!!!!!!Image

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3 Responses to My Best Girl

  1. Initiator ;-) says:

    Great Friend is a gift of Lord…!
    Lucky people have them..!


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