Kinder Surprise Eggs

Dating is the exact same thing as buying kinder surprise eggs. You go in with good intentions, looking at the picture of the prize on the wrapper. You get through the sweet, choclatey layers and find an egg! Oh the excitement of opening that egg!
Every time I opened the egg it exploded.
Strangely enough that theme resonated on into adult life.
And as the egg exposed its contents… your hopes diminish slightly more as you realize you didn’t get the prize. You actually got the “make work project”. Once you’ve followed the instructions you realize it promised so much more than what it delivered. It works once and falls apart.
If you’re in a relationship with the make work toy I suggest you find some damn good glue, or toss that one in the trash and try again. The treasure has to be in one of them! .


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3 Responses to Kinder Surprise Eggs

  1. Mum says:

    Very use words. Make sure you follow through ❤


  2. Mum says:

    Should. Be “wise”! Also Humpty had problems too 😦


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