Ode to my 1st Cousins

Your cousins are the first friends you meet, and some of the most trusted friends you will ever have. Theyve seen you at your best, your worst, when you peed yourself, and when you first got beat up.. this is my excerpt dedicated to my first loves, my cousins:

Lance: LANNY:

you were the first cousin I ever met, and we went everywhere together! We got chased by that abnormally giantic turkey, and on my 3rd birthday we took it to that farm and threw sand at it for all the times it bit us! Then winnipeg zoo, where you and chris saw your first black person and were in shock! hahaha


We always got the bitch jobs on the farm, always picked on, always beat up, but we’re stronger for it now arent we? i remember when you started talking back! witty like your dad! my god how youve grown up, and now youre getting married, im so proud of you.


my beautiful little catherine zeta jones. you were the first cousin i wrote a letter to. at first i was so happy to teach you the alphabet and how to read, but im sorry for being jealous of the attention you got as a child, i definitely had trouble not being the baby. but you still came to chill with me, anywhere i was. We’d walk around town together, id drive you to big ridge. You were there for one of the most traumatic events in my life, thank you for not leaving me alone. And you grew up, got moody, got over it. Youre such a strong, beautiful, talented young woman, who even got blessed/cursed with the same disease as me! soul cysters! dont know what id do without you sweetheart xoxo



My Pepsi baby: I babysat you so much when you were little. You hated thunderstorms so I’d have to sing to you, and marina, and skye, when the power went out and we were alone. You were so innocent for so long, one of the few people who really enjoyed their childhood. You had barbies forever! I’m sorry I couldnt play barbies with you i sucked at that! but i did love doing your hair and dressing you and jessie in my clothes. And then when I was running around with the boys, you and abby used to watch us all the time. I could always rely on you girls to fill me in on what I missed. And now, ive been gone and youre all grown up, and stunning! half breeds make the prettiest girls, and you have gorgeous features my girl, so much potential ahead of you dont let it pass you by!


Curtis Jr: JUNIOR: SPINNER The first baby I held

In my eyes you are still the cutest kid ever. You would only stop crying for me and your mum. You would hug me and give me smooches when you werent even a year old. We got you these rubber boots, and you wouldnt take them off for the life of you, slept in them and everything. I remember having to talk to you after your mum yelled at you, just to explain she really loves you, aww how fast you grew up! now are a tall handsome man with a baby boy!


You and your little hat,jsut like didi kong, you were so hard to get so sleep but boy you were cute, you loved my dad and would play donkey kong with him for hours. you really captured the apple of dads eye. Now you’re all grown up, with your long curly hair, what will the future hold for my marley rocker cousin? we shall see.

Jessie-Leigh- messy jessie- rosie- turkey- baby jackie

Not even one year old you knew what you wanted. You didnt even call your mum mum just squealed “Gackkkiiiiiieee!” You were the picture perfect child, with your blonde ringlets. But with the wisdom of a 60yr old, nothing got past you. I’ll never forget when i woke you up to tell you i had to go home, a long way away, and your eyes filled with water and you said “ca-lynne are you going to heaven?” and I burst out crying. Such a smart, opinionated, beautiful little girl. Mini me in blonde version, but so much more strong headed than i was. the world is your oyster, dont stop until you get the pearl. And dont ever let anyone tell you you cant, its your for the taking. As much as ill always see you as my little girl, youre almost all grown up, it all happened too fast. youre gonna be a smokeshow at 21 my girl.


Logan- Logey- Buck

My little fearless man. another picture perfect baby, i took pics of all of you sleeping, but when i took yours, i was on mushrooms, and you had this big bird that was light sensitive (no one told me) so when the flash went off some creepy voice went “peek-a-boo” at first i thought i was tripping, took another and it did it again, i ran out of your room screaming, and your mum and dad laughed their asses off at me. My fearless little love can watch any horror movie without flinching, and is a video game king. I have high hopes for you my little logan.


All the other younger cousins I havent had the pleasure of creating memories with… but i will.. these pics are all taken by me yeas ago, except for the on at my 3rd birthday my mum took that. Enjoy the flash back!


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