Lonely Girl

In order to be in the spotlight, you have to be a loner. You may think I’m way off. But it’s the truth.

The more successful you get, the less true friends you really have.

And in my case, to top it off, my family are leaving me.
It’s by no fault of my own, just a sequence of unfortunate events that have left our family devastated and confused. My mum has to help her parents, and my brother and his family will go too.

Which leaves little sister to stand on her own two feet. But I’m scared. I’m terrified what it will be like without them close by, I lived 2000k away from them before and I’ve never felt more alone.
I’m not ready, I wasn’t ready when I was 17 and stormed out the door and I’m still not ready 11yrs later.

Is this what it takes to push me to the next level? Taking away my everything?

I’m scared. I’m really scared.


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3 Responses to Lonely Girl

  1. Hang in there. Find some genuine local friends. My friends have always been my family all throughout life. There is no substitution for family, but there are many close seconds.


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