Mountain Drive

So, I was recently cast by a client to promote a new movie in Nakiska, Kananaskis country.

Naturally I left everything until the last minute and ended up leaving the house without my bikini or my bathroom necessities. As always, lack of organization creates another fail.

Driving in the mountains in Kananaskis country is terrifying ! And I’m driving on a great day! The higher you get up the mountain, the more the wind picks up. You look to either side of the road and see a 60ft+ deep chasm looming and tell yourself “stay focused on the road stay focused!”
While trying to avoid any possible wildlife, and pay attention to the roads. I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful sky. The stars and the moon from up here are breathtaking. Backlighting the mountains they make them look beautiful and magnamous, as well as daunting and terrifying.

Alas my roommate arrived late so I will not have the room to myself, but I did get to pick my bed and settle in before she got there. And really, that’s all I needed 🙂

Here’s to my first road-trip paid modelling gig! Wooohoooo!


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  2. congratulations, has to be a thrill


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