Leaving the Mountain

I was terrified when I left the Delta Kananaskis in The Rocky Mountains this morning. Thanks to my walking off of the job the day prior I had the privilege of at least leaving during daylight, I truly hope the girls I was working with made it home ok tonight.
The roads were slick and what seemed like giant dark chasms were now hidden traps all over the sides of the roads. If you didn’t know any better you’d think it’s was just a snow covered side, not a snow drift up against a mountain with absolutely no structure.
I saw my first devil wind, I came down the mountain and there it was, a giant, white, twister/tornado of snow, dancing menacingly on the highway. As I approached I slowed, and it danced away to my side and dissipated into snow streams that slithered across the pavement horrifyingly animate and snake like.
I remember thinking “the devil wanted you, but he can’t have you”
Why would I think that all of a sudden?
Further down the mountain I snapped this photo of Mount Kid. 2.5hrs later I was home in High River. I have never been happier to be home with my cats.


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