Random Facts

As this week was a sad one, I thought I’d lighten the mood with some “random facts” about me. Some are funny, some are shocking, either way, here I go:

1. My hair turned from jet black to white blonde from the sun when I was 2.5yrs old
2. I used to watch how my brother peed, so I thought everyone stood up to pee. I can still pee with precision aim while standing.
3. I taped back my boobs almost instantly after receiving them and stayed that way for almost 2yrs. The eczema on my ribs from the packing tape is ridiculous.
4. I wear my onesie far more often than any normal person should, I wear it to the grocery store. To my therapist appt. You name it. In addition I sometimes have my rollers in. (How’s that for a mental picture)
5. I can’t do my own nails to save my life. Thank god for my beauty team.
6. My accent bounces from English to Canadian and as a result I’m certain people think I have split personality disorder.
7. My best friends growing up were teddy bears, frogs and cats. I was never the kid who went to group sleepovers. I was the kid that stayed at home and played with my teddies, telling them bed time stories so they don’t have nightmares like me.
8. I had/ have a lisp. I hide it well, but once in a while you can hear it, and I sound like the little girl from “mrs doubtfire”
9. I peed myself as a little girl because I couldn’t get the buttons on my kilt undone. It never occurred to me, that being a girl, in a skirt, all I had to do was lift the skirt and pull off my underwear. (Common sense and genius sometimes clash clearly)
10. My favourite game in the world was/is dress up. Mr dress up was my favourite, and I would don every piece of my parents clothes and prance around the house.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned!


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