Rockin Hot Robot

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was cast to model in an upcoming annual fashion show. I was delighted to be picked by a new emerging group of designers, how cool is it to be one of their first muses?
As usual I was running late, so I stopped a few blocks from the art gallery to plug in my rollers and dry my hair… From an outdoor plug… In 60kn/hr wind.
I also realized I forgot to wear underwear and was (for once) delighted I had my model “lingerie wardrobe” in my trunk. I swiftly snatched a pair of lace panties and minimal padding bra (the boobs need to be on the smaller side for catwalk usually;) hair dried and pinned, underwear on I raced to the fitting.

I showed up at the art gallery within 3 minutes of my casting time. When I entered there was all sorts of creative people at work, and the lovely Lana del Rey crooning in the background over the speakers.
Instantly I felt at home. I beckoned to the one lady to say that I was here for a fitting, and she lit up and said “yes! With us! You’re carolynne right?” I confirmed, and got straight to work. The one model came out in the red dress, it looked gorgeous on her (really anything would this girl has an amazing figure and bone structure. She rocks the Twiggy haircut!!! I could never pull that off!)
When she was done they switched her to gold and me to the red. It was so cute watching the designers play the “red! No.. Gold! No… Red!” They were just like the three fairy godmothers in “Sleeping Beauty”
There was one more colour, but the other model was smaller than me and it wasn’t fitting over her butt, so I knew there was no way in hell it was going to contain my giant junk trunk, so we both opted out of that dress!
It seemed the dresses chose us. My beautiful Polish friend radiated in the gold and the length was perfect for her. The same could be said of the red for me! It fit perfect (my boobs fit! Yay!) and the colour really popped against my hair/eyes/ and skin tone. As if things couldn’t be more exciting, we’re told on top of our extravagant outfits, we will be walking with robots… I can’t begin to express my nerdy joy! ROBOTS!!!!!
We did a couple walk throughs to music and were pinned into our dresses. The one designer was so happy with my dress as all she had to do was put a zipper in it, it was the perfect size.
We have one more rehearsal til show time, but when the day comes, I will be certain to get you all photos and video 🙂
Until then here’s a shot of me from last night.


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