Your Opinion

In this day of free speech, everyone has an opinion.
The one thing it seems everyone doesn’t have, is common sense.
There are places and times to voice your opinions.
For example, would you stand up on Christian church while the reverend is speaking and shout “I believe in Jehovah!” No, because you would offend those who are there to believe in Christ.
Would you say ” I believe in abortion” to a room filled with anti abortionists? No, because you’d offend their fragile sensibility.
I have a blog to voice MY opinion to people who want to listen. I don’t, however, go preaching on other people’s blogs/facebooks about how my opinion is right, And that I have the right to say it, and therefore I’ll shove it down your throat because I have rights.
I dare you to spend one day in Russia with a mindless tongue like yours.

Point is, if someone asks for your opinion, give it, and if they don’t, keep your mouth shut. No one wants to be subject to your verbal diarrhea, it’s far too much shit for my liking.

End rant


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