Four Weddings Fail

I used to love watching the show “four weddings canada.”
I would sit there and critique each brides choices, saying which parts I agreed upon and which were just ghastly. Sometimes I’d banter with my boyfriend at the time about who’d be allowed to come and who wouldn’t.
I’m almost 30, and when I put the show on yesterday I lasted two minutes before I felt nauseated. All I could think was: “you’re all liars. This is all just a staged show so you can win a trip somewhere. Chances are you’ll be divorced in less than 5yrs.” They all say they’re in love, but are they? Cause I’ve been a few times and it got me nowhere, and on that note I’m glad I didn’t waste my family’s time and money to create an elaborate hoax just so I can pretend to be a princess for a day.
God I’m so messed up now… I swear I was the one girl who still believed in monogamy… But how can I when numerous “married” men message me on a regular basis with subject matter that is much more than just friendly.
Men, if there’s some loyal, hardworking ones out there, please make yourselves known to me, cause right now you’re losing this model to the dark side… Make me believe again…


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2 Responses to Four Weddings Fail

  1. LOL. Hey come on. Keep your head up. Look at you, you are an attractive woman and frankly you are going to run across guys that want to date you. Some possibly married yes but that is just what happens when you are gifted with physical beauty.

    Four Weddings. I like the show but for completely different reasons. I shoot weddings so I enjoy seeing the venues etc. Marriage is not an easy thing. I always believed in the white picket fence two kids etc. I still do. I have been married for 10 years now and I still love my wife dearly. That being said the way two people display love and affection are completely different I guess. I am by leaps and bounds more romantic than my wife is. My point is that I am sure you can find a single guy although you may want to consider possibly dating younger guys? Less bagage etc. I was 22 when I met my wife and she ws 27 at the time. Ex homecoming queen, prom queen lol. She took a gamble on me and 15 years later we are still together. Anyway just keep your options open. 🙂 Wishing you luck from the states!


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