Summer of Scion

I had the pleasure of shooting photos with the talented Armand Flores (Profolio Photography) and his Assistant Sherwin Esmilla (SVE Images).

I started out the afternoon with makeup at my lovely makeup artists house. My inspiration for this look was Olivia Newton John in grease as “sandy”. I wore liquid leggings from GUESS, a half lace tank top, a leather jacket and black high heels. Tara put tons of back combing and hairspray In my hair and painted me up all dark and sexy.
I met Armand at Henninger Scion on Macleod trail in Calgary. (Want to buy a new scion? Or maybe this one? Contact Armand!!! He’s a salesman!)
We drove out to an industrial area of Calgary by Ogden Rd.
When we arrived the wind picked up with gusts up to 50km/hr… The sun was blazing, but we got to work.
By the end of the shoot I had tears pouring down my face from trying to keep my eyes open from the gale force winds filled with dust and the glaring sunlight. I also had windburn on my cheeks.
I graciously thanked the gentlemen and drove home for dinner with my family. I had no idea this is what we produced. I am absolutely in awe of this work. Bravo Armand. Bravo.





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