Calgary Comic Expo

For 3 wonderful days I’ve had the privilege of working the largest Comic Expo in all of Canada, here in the beautiful city of Calgary. For anyone who hasn’t attended a comicon, they are nerd heaven. People who normally wouldn’t speak more than 3 words to others, come out dressed in their best costumes and suddenly become more narcissistic than us models! It’s great though! The costumes, designs, the makeup, the hours of effort that went into some of these get-ups is absolutely amazing.

I was representing for BLING IT ON CLUBWEAR, costumes, and jewelry. They also have a great line of men’s t shirts and men’s jewelry.

The first day was great! I met a wonderful model called Jess, she wore a Wonder Woman costume and I wore a cat woman costume.
We took pictures with several people. It was a ton of fun.
The store next to us had Harry potter merchandise, so I bought the last Bellatrix LeStrange dress.
And my blonde moment of the day came when Chris asked me
“How do you spell onesie? ”
I responded: “1-O-N”
That’s as far as I got before Jess burst out laughing! (I’m not a writer who should know how to spell… I swear!) I then ran from this to a magazine shoot for Luxe Bridal Magazine.

Day 2:
The day before I took some pics with a two guys in resident evil costumes. The next day 4 guys come in resident evil costumes, and one comes right up to me as says “I knew it was you,” and low and behold it’s my good friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in 11yrs. So we took some pics together. I also bumped into Brian Bunny and dan Damron (who I was shooting with the night before) Brian is an artist and was posted up at the show, and some of you may remember dan was the genius behind my robot for the make fashion show. I also got to see my lovely girls Joy and Georgia.
I met another girl at our booth named Michelle, she was dressed as harlequin, and her and I walked around getting sketches done by artists. I had the privilege of meeting Tom Felton from Harry Potter, and Vivica A Fox (set it off, kill bill)

Day 3:
The last day of comic expo was my favourite. I got to meet Drea De Matteo from “the sopranos” and “sons of anarchy” and chilled and hung out with her. She gave me a present (which I’m sworn to secrecy on! Sorry folks!) and my choice of signed picture, so I chose the one of her and James gandolfini (rip) and she wrote RIP 😦 on Tonys sopranos shoulder.
It really was a great time, great experience, and I strongly suggest people go next year to the 10th anniversary!!!

Ps. I will say this to the organizers: please be more courteous to the vendors, we are not the general public and we also paid a great deal of money to be there. In one instance a security guard made me walk around the building to get in a line up and consequently be soaked to the bone in my tiny costume, only to have me go back upstairs and continue working. It’s not like I could go home and warm up.
Also, the “no sitting” signs along the walls? Really? Do you have any idea how hard it is for some people to walk around all this in those costumes? There was 97,000 there over the course of 4days, next time provide more seating.
And lastly, Sigourney Weaver. I would’ve loved to have met you, but charging everyone $185 for a photo and $150 for a signature is highway robbery. Then hiding behind black curtains so no one can even sneak pictures like shes royalty. No offence Sigourney, you’re cool, but you’re not that cool.

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