Childhood Dreams Do Come True

This evening I watched as the inspiration to my creativity came to life on the big screen.
Peter S Beagle, author of “The Last Unicorn” (1962), is on tour across Canada with the film. The book was adapted to film 30yrs later 1982 featuring the voices of Mia farrow, Jeff Bridges, and Angela Lansbury.
The art that went into making an animated film of this calibre in the 80’s was extremely impressive.

Here’s how I discovered it:
My neighbour/babysitter Marina played it for me and her daughter Andrea. I became so obsessed with it that everytime after that, when asked what movie I wanted to watch, I replied emphatically, “THE LAST UNICORN!” (With my little lisp)

I remember I was at college in Ontario when I was 22 and saw the 25th special edition on DVD. I sacrificed food for two days just so I could buy that movie.
And I took it with me today to be signed!

If I could’ve taken Andrea with me it would’ve been insane, however shes all the way in Ontario. So I took another die hard unicorn fan, my good friend and stylist Edie.

When they asked us questions in the audience I found my gutts and said:
“First of all thank you for writing the most monumental book/movie of my life. My question is: was there a certain inspiration behind the Unicorn and the lady Amaltheas identity crisis? The inability to accept herself?”

Peter responded: “great question. No not particularly , I made it up as I went along. It’s something we all go through not being comfortable in our own skin and something I even deal with in life at my old age, I truly had no idea how it was going to end, what smendrick was going to do until I was literally backed into a corner and begged for inspiration to reveal itself to me. I don’t advise this to young writers it’s a horribly emotional way to write and you find yourself trying to explain your writing process (or lack there of) to others.”

Other excellent points that were brought up. Before this book, all mythical creatures that had been personified had been done so as a male. The Last Unicorn is the first publication of a female mythical creature, and even more so, are now a symbol that women feel drawn to.

While watching the movie I had goosebumps. You must understand, we watched this on VHS cassette in 1988 on probably a 20inch screen. This was a dream come true for me.

And the movie still speaks to me than most movies today,
She feels lost, alone, with no identity except the one that is obvious, yet we don’t even understand that half the time. She travels, learns, changes, experiences heartbreak, but also fights her own duality, her own inability to accept the situation given to her, until finally she fights back. Women can fight back, we can defeat those who try to imprison us. Peter beagle, thank you so much for contributing this beautiful story to my life, it is still to this day my all time favourite movie.

Ps. To the people who are going to the screenings. Please leave the kids at home. They truly don’t appreciate the honour they’re witnessing, some of us have been waiting our whole lives for this and when your unruly children are fighting while I’m trying to listen to one of my idols it makes me very frustrated. The subject matter was anything but child orientated so perhaps go with your friends, purchase the DVD and bring that home for them to watch. Ok? I’m sure I sound like a childless cold bitch. But honestly, give respect where it’s due, this is a movie screening tour, not just a night out at the movies.

You can order signed merchandise at the link below:






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