Random Acts Of Kindness

Karma acted fast on this one.

“I always could depend on the kindness of strangers” -Blanche Dubois ( A Streetcar Named Desire-Tennessee Williams”

Yesterday I drove to the store (on my spare tire, I got a flat the previous night) to get supplies to cook my now ex dinner. When I came out of Safeway there was a woman in distress. She looked at me and begged a favour, “hi! I’m so sorry to bother you but I locked my keys in my trunk and my little chihuahuas are in the car! Can your little arms perhaps fit in the gap on the window?
And sure enough they could (I’ve always been good at gumbi-ing into things) but then we set off the security feature and couldn’t get into the trunk. I asked if she had a spare set of keys t home and she did, so I drove her 10blocks or so uphill to get her keys, and back down to her car. She was ever so grateful.
That was my good deed yesterday.

This morning, I called Fountain Tire in High River asking if they could patch my tire, the owner said, “sure come on in.” I brought him the tire, and he assured me it would be done in 40mins. I arrived 40mins later and had it mounted on the car, when I went to pay he said “no, you go on, get outta here, stay outta trouble.” My eyes lit up and slightly teared and I bear hugged the sweet older gentleman. I believe my gratitude was enough for him.
Thank you so much for saving my ass, I really can’t afford those kind of expenditures right now. Perhaps he saw how sad I’ve been the past couple days? Perhaps the disheveled appearance I had tipped him off to the morning id experienced and he thought he’d cut a girl some slack?

Either way, thank you so much.

And thank you universe, I love it when you pay it back right away.


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