Today I met one of my favourite celebrities, DREA DE MATTEO! Better known as Adrianna La Cerva from HBO’s “THE SOPRANOS” and Wendy Case on the amazing show “SONS OF ANARCHY”

First, let me explain. I’ve been watching Drea act since “the sopranos” in 1997. I immediately connected with her character. When she finally got axed in the season 5 episode “long term parking”, which, admittedly, I cried my eyes out.
(I told Drea this, and she replied in her saucy, jersey accent, “oh I know, I cried too sweetheart, all the way to the bank!)

I met her first for my photo op in my pink BCBG dress. She said “oh my god you’re smo-king!!!! Get over here girl! I’m worse than the sons of anarchy!”
(Meaning for liking pretty ladies :)We took our pic together and I asked if shed be available for autographs after, turns out she was!

I then changed back into my cat woman outfit and headed over the other building to have my photo signed.

And this is where I’m blown away. I stood there for a good half hour shooting the shit with Drea, talking about boyfriends, she showed me a pic of her hottie, told me about her ex (personally I think he must be retarded to do what he did) told me about her two beautiful children, (whom she gushed on about over and over! Shes such a proud mama!) and offered me a choice of a photo to sign. I chose the one of her and James Gandolfini “tony soprano” and on it she wrote “dear carolynne, love drea de matteo” and on James’ shoulder wrote “RIP :(”
As if my day wasn’t made enough, she also gave me a present. It’s a surprise and unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell you guys, but I will say she not only made my day, she warped my world. What a real, down to earth sweetheart. Shes a talented actress, devoted mother, and absolutely, fucking-gorgeous in real life!
Make sure you follow her on Instagram (@drea_dematteo)
And stay tuned for her upcoming reality show which I make a small appearance in!!

Below are the photos of my moment.

Drea if you ever read this, that present was all you said and more, and thank you ever so much for your time and kindness!!! Best of luck babe!!! MUCH LOVE!!! Xoxo







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  1. Initiator ;-) says:

    awesome pics..


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